This 4-Ingredient Hung Curd Dip Is Perfect For Your Weekend Party Snacks 

Have friends coming over to your place this weekend? Treat them with this delectable party dip.

Deeksha Sarin  |  Updated: August 23, 2019 17:24 IST

This 4-Ingredient Hung Curd Dip Is Perfect For Your Weekend Party Snacks 

Pair your favourite snacks with this party dip

  • Dips are an ultimate party-starter and complement most snacks
  • This dip is prepared using just four basic kitchen ingredients
  • Pair it with your favourite snacks and you're good to go

Weekend is here upon us and it's time to make the most of it. Whether you plan to spend your weekend outside or at home with family and friends, good food stands out to be as a common fixture in almost every scenario. If you've planned a get-together at home this weekend and you're the host, the responsibility of preparing delicious food lies on your head. No matter what all dishes you prepare, there's one delight that has the potential to make the culinary experience blissful for all. We're talking about dips. Dips are an ultimate party-starter and go well with almost all kinds of snacks. While there are a plethora of dip recipes to choose from, we bring to you a delectable 4-ingredient party dip recipe that is perfect for your weekend get-together. It's the one made from hung curd! If the mere thought of hung curd is getting you drooling, then this is surely the one for you.

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summer dips

You can pair your party snacks with a plethora of dips


Making hung curd at home is no rocket science and is fairly easy. It can be prepared in just a span of five minutes. Click this link to know how to make hung curd at home. Once you have your hung curd ready, all you've got to do is combine it with three more ingredients and voila! Your hung curd dip will be ready to be savoured with family and friends.

Here's How You Can Make 4-Ingredient Hung Curd Dip At Home:

Ingredients Required:

Hung Curd - 1 cup
Cheese - 2 cubes 
Oregano Seasoning - 1 tablespoon
Chilli Flakes - 1 teaspoon


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  • To begin with, take a large bowl and add hung curd to it. Give it a nice stir till it attains a shiny and smooth texture.
  • Once this is done, add oregano seasoning along with chilli flakes. The quantity of both these ingredients can be customised as per your palate. Mix well.
  • Grate the cheese cubes and add the grated cheese to the bowl. The cheese will enhance the flavour to a whole new level. Mix well and serve it delicious snacks to your guests.

So bring out those packets of chips and pair them with this humble dip. If you know of more such interesting dip recipes, do share with us in the comments section below.


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