Add This High-Protein Sprouts And Paneer Salad To Your Weight Loss Diet

Protein Rich food for Weight Loss: The 2 prime ingredients of this salad - sprouts and paneer - are treasure troves of essential nutrients.

Deeksha Sarin  |  Updated: October 22, 2019 12:51 IST

Add This High-Protein Sprouts And Paneer Salad To Your Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss: Protein helps induce a feeling of satiety

  • The process of weight loss can get a bit too overwhelming
  • It's essential to keep a tab on eating habits for healthy weight loss
  • Protein rich food is important for any health diet

Weight loss is a tricky feat, but not entirely unachievable. It is important to remember the role of diet in weight loss. The mindless noshing and binge-eating that most of us are habitual to, tend to have a negative impact on our overall health, especially on our body weight. The excess calorie load eventually leads to weight gain, further giving rise to obesity-related issues. In order to steer clear of them, it is essential to keep a tab on daily eating habits and be aware of what's actually going on our plates. While getting started with the weight loss process can get a bit too overwhelming, both mentally and physically, we're here to provide you with a stellar weight loss recipe that is not just nutritionally dense, but it will also help give a kick-start to your weight loss journey with maximum ease. We're talking about Sprouts and Paneer Salad! 

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lrufrs7gPaneer is extremely rich in protein content

The two prime ingredients of this salad - sprouts and paneer - are a treasure trove of essential nutrients and are highly rich in protein content. The high protein element of this salad makes it a perfect pick for effective weight loss. Since protein helps induce a feeling of satiety, you are less likely to binge on fattening foods that can increase the body weight. 


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Unlike the regular leafy salads, this salad contains some hearty spices that may help in boosting the body's metabolism. For instance, black pepper may help stimulate appetite and aid digestion as well. Since, a healthy digestion system is the key to quick weight loss, adding black pepper to your salad would be quite beneficial. Oh, and it won't take you more than 5 minutes to prepare this salad; just bring together all the ingredients mentioned below and give them a nice spin. 

Weight loss : Here's How You Can Make This Protein-Rich Salad At Home-

Ingredients Required:

4-5 tbsp. sprouted green moong dal
100 grams paneer, cubed
1 tomato, small-sized, chopped
1 onion, small-sized, chopped
1 tbsp. lemon juice
3-4 pinches black pepper powder
1 tsp. rock salt


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Take a bowl, and put all the ingredients in it except lemon juice. Mix well.
Once the sprouts and paneer are combined well with all the spices, drizzle lemon juice over the mix and serve.

So, once you've made up your mind to set off on a weight loss journey, give it an energetic start by making this high-protein salad a part of your diet. 


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