6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Vertigo

Sushmita Sen Gupta  |  Updated: February 17, 2017 16:24 IST

6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Vertigo
  • Vertigo is mostly induced by problems caused in the inner ear
  • Vertigo is one of the most common forms of dizziness
  • Keep yourself hydrated
Vertigo is one of the most common forms of dizziness The sensation of feeling off balance or feeling like you or the world around you is spinning are common symptoms of vertigo. For some a vertigo may cause spinning and unsteadiness, but for some it can result into nausea, headache, excessive sweating, vomiting, temporary hearing loss, or abnormal rapid eye movements (nystagma) . The symptoms can last a few minutes or take place in regular spells. Vertigo can also range from being objective, subjective or pseudo in nature. Objective vertigo is when a person senses the world moving around him, subjective vertigo can be described as a feeling when the person feels he is spinning, pseudo vertigo is a strong sense of internal rotation inside a person’s head.

Vertigo is mostly induced by problems caused in the inner ear which could probably be due to minute calcium particles fastening in the canals of the inner, causing an internal inflammation hindering the inner ear to send appropriate signals to the brain connected to gravity. These signals are essential to keep your balance. A vertigo can arise out of a stroke, tumour or severe head and neck injuries.

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There are several ways trying to treat vertigo:

1) Sit still

 In many cases you don’t even have to do anything at all but sit still. Your brain adapts to the inner  ear changes and you regain your balance.

2) Have enough sleep
sleep 620

Being sleep deprived can often induce dizziness. Therefore, it is essential you get minimum 8 hours of sleep daily.

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3) Keep yourself hydrated

It is natural for vertigo to set in after an exhaustive activity. It is essential you keep your body hydrated.

4) Pull the ears

Renowned Ayurvedic scholar Vasant Lad suggests “Insert your index finger in your ear and gently pull the ear upward, forward and downward. This will regulate intracranial pressure, which will greatly relieve the feeling of dizziness”

5) Home remedies
home remedies

Trying to keep your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and blood glucose levels in control can help control the risk of developing vertigo. In his book, Vasant Lad also suggests some home remedies that can come in handy in treating vertigo. He advises smelling chopped onions and inhaling the smell forcibly until tears start flowing out of the eyes because onions contain plenty of ammonia, inhaling them produces vasodilation, which brings more blood supply to the brain. Smelling sandalwood oil or incense may also prove effective.

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6) Yoga

Deep breathing and yoga can also come in handy in treating vertigo,.‘Ujjayi Pranayama’ the pranayama of holding breath behind the belly button has proven very effective for many.


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