How Rajesh Kumar (Rosesh Sarabhai) Lost 10 Kgs in 3 Months for the New Season

   |  Updated: May 12, 2017 14:09 IST

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How Rajesh Kumar (Rosesh Sarabhai) Lost 10 Kgs in 3 Months for the New Season
  • Rosesh Sarabhai would still be fresh in your mind
  • Rajesh Kumar aka Rosesh lost 10 kilograms in three months
  • Rajesh Kumar is also known for his role in Baa, Bahoo and Baby
"Momma ka purse, jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse..." or even this one "Meri momma Maya Sarabhai, yaani ishwar ki di hui badhai..." If you haven't heard or read these epic poems, you probably have missed out a lot in life. And if you have, the memory of the character Rosesh Sarabhai would still be fresh in your mind, even after 13 years! Sarabhai VS Sarabhai's first season aired way back in the year 2004 and the strange yet adorable character of Rosesh Sarabhai played by Rajesh Kumar instantly caught our attention. He essayed the role brilliantly and kept us entertained in hilarious ways. We loved how he was an innocent Momma's boy, constantly bullied by his father and brother. Now that the 2nd season of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is releasing on 16th May 2017 as a web-series, we couldn't be more excited. This time around, you will see Rosesh make a comeback in a new avatar - looking more fit. We bring you Rajesh Kumar's incredible weight loss journey that will make you love him even more!

Rajesh Kumar's Weight Loss Journey

Rajesh who is also known for his role in Baa, Bahoo and Baby, had gained quite some weight over the years because he couldn't workout due to an injury. However, in Sarabhai VS Sarabhai 2 you will see a fit Rosesh who has lost a lot of weight in just a couple of months. Despite sustaining a prolonged injury, he managed to shed those extra kilos by focusing on his diet. He switched to a healthier lifestyle and cut down on junk food completely. He ate only ghar ka khana cooked by his wife Madhvi Chopra Kumar. He keeps sharing videos from Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai on social media and recently posted about his weight loss journey. He took to Facebook to thank his Nutritionist and Dietitian Grace Kapoor from VLCC. Take a look-

Rajesh also recently shared a video on Facebook which talks about Angamardhana, a fitness routine rooted in yoga, that offers the opportunity to invigorate the body and attain mental as well as physical strength. 

Rajesh's Nutritionist Grace Kapoor shares his diet and some tips to stay healthy

"Rajesh came to me for weight loss consultation before beginning the shoot for a new season of his comedy show. He had a deadline to meet and wanted to look lean and fit by then. We had about 3 months' time to meet the deadline. I advised him to focus on healthy weight loss as I wanted him to look fresh and fit. To achieve this, I suggested a simple balanced diet which had a good combination of staples that are typically eaten at home."


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According to Grace, Rajesh's diet plan consisted of about 5-6 small meals eaten throughout the day, so that he did not feel hungry or starved. Eating small meals through the day, keeps your body in a calorie burning mode. No weight loss regime is complete without some amount of exercise. However, due to his injury, he was unable to exercise much. But, whenever he could, he would try and go for short walks. At the end of three months, Rajesh lost about 10 kilograms and was looking radiant and fit and became more active. In his words, "it never felt like dieting". The idea was to give him balanced meals which would keep him full and his energy levels high.

The key to lose weight is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Small changes in your routine can give big benefits. Well, Rajesh a.k.a. Rosesh has surely given us some major fitness goals!

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