Singham 3 Superstar Suriya's Diet & Fitness Secrets for a Well-Toned Body

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Singham 3 Superstar Suriya's Diet & Fitness Secrets for a Well-Toned Body
  • Saravanan Sivakumar, aka Suriya, has won the hearts of millions
  • Nothing but hard work is the fitness mantra of this superstar
  • The South Indian action star never fails to impress
Singam starring Suriya and Anushka Shetty is the story of a fearless cop who will take every possible step to stop crime and support justice. Ajay Devgn and Kajal Aggarwal play the lead roles in the bollywood remake version directed by Rohit Shetty. Saravanan or better known as ‘Suriya Singam’ is all geared up for the third installment of the action packed story of a fearless cop to be released soon. All the fans of the South superstar are eagerly waiting for this high-octane action packed movie as the release date has already been postponed once from Republic Day to 9th of February.

The third installment being directed by Hari, the movie's music is composed by Devi Sri Prasad. Singam 3 has already created a lot of hype as their teaser got 3 million likes within just 24 hours of release. Saravanan's toned body, fine acting skills, powerful dialogues, high-octane action and popularity of the franchise has led to a lot of excitement amongst the viewers. He is the only who can carry off that handlebar moustache with such style and attitude. Apart from Suriya, Shruti Hasan will be seen in this action drama. ‘Durai Singam’ is back! So get all geared up for some hard core kicks and punch dialogues.

Saravanan Sivakumar, aka Suriya, has won the hearts of millions not only by his acting skills but also because of his well-toned body. From losing ten kilos within a span of just twenty-two days to bulking up muscles for the third installment of the super hit Singham franchise, Saravanan never fails to keep up his fitness quotient.
Caption: Saravanan as Suriya Singam3It's not good genes but a whole lot of hard work - from insane workouts to biryani sacrifices and sugar abstinence - that makes him look picture perfect. The South Indian action star never fails to exhibit his physically-strong and brutal character of a police officer which is a result of his sheer commitment to sweat and iron. Nothing but hard work is the fitness mantra of this superstar.

Suriya's Diet

For a body like that, a strict diet is inevitable. Suriya stays away from oily food and has cut out salt from his diet. He drinks a lot of water daily, since it is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins. In an earlier interview in a daily newspaper, he had mentioned that he pays very close attention to his diet. Proteins form an important part of his meals as they are needed to repair ripped muscles. His breakfast is a protein-rich meal which consists of egg whites and milk only. For lunch and dinner he prefers chicken and rice, and chooses healthy and light snacks such as fruits over fried snacks.

Suriya's Workout Plan

According to his trainer Alkhas, he has worked out for two hours daily to achieve that fabulous bulky physique for his character of a fearless cop in Singham 2. He would start his workout with cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes followed by 90 minutes of muscle building exercises such as weight training. Main exercises in his schedule included pull ups, chin ups, hanging leg raises, hanging oblique raises and static hanging leg raises. He did all these exercises for strengthening his core and building his abs.

Surya had mentioned in an earlier interview that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan inspired him a lot for developing six pack abs. He was awed how Aamir worked so hard to achieve eight packs while in his forties and made it possible. He started training with another trainer - cum - friend Satyajit Chaurasia to develop six pack abs, and started off by first changing his lifestyle routine. He believed in natural body building and kept himself away from steroids and artificial fat burners. Earlier Surya used to weigh around 75 kilos, but after following the GM diet and the workout regime designed by Satyajit, he lost around 11 kilos.

Surya enjoys jogging too although he doesn't have the convenience of including it in his fitness schedule throughout the week. He loves doing yoga as well. The Singham star "Suriya' believes in hard work and commitment to get the desired body and remain physically fit just like his fearless character in the movie which portrays the power of hard work, pride and truthfulness.


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