Too Much Exercise is Bad for Your Heart

   |  Updated: May 26, 2014 13:25 IST

Too Much Exercise is Bad for Your Heart
Regular exercising is always recommended to keep oneself fit and healthy, to lower ageing and to ensure longevity but over indulgence in intensive exercising can do you more damage than good. The growing obsession among youngsters to have the perfect body is actually creating a separate band of people who are pushing themselves too hard.  

Over exercising without proper consultation and diet plan leads many to become anorexic and weak. According to a recent research, young men undertaking endurance exercise for more than five hours a week may increase their risk of developing an irregular heart rhythm in later life.

Further, it has also been found that too much of exercise can cause increased risks of a heart attack or stroke in those with a heart condition. To test this, the researchers tracked the frequency and intensity of physical activity of more than 1,000 people in their 60s that had a coronary artery heart disease for 10 years. The study showed somewhat surprising findings - those who did the most strenuous daily exercise were more than twice as likely to die of a heart attack/stroke.

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Exercising is a way and means to ensure fitness and well-being and not to turn unhealthy and harbor diseases. There are a few essential things that one should keep in mind before going through the drill. A proper warming up and cooling down process is very important before and after a workout, it ensures muscles flexibility and prevents stiff or sore of muscles. One should always follow a healthy diet plan that would encompass all essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and fats. It's also important to check your glucose intake. If and when going for intensive training, do it under proper supervision and never ignore any painful signs from your body.
And last but not the least, take it easy and don't go overboard!

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