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  • What Would Our Grannies Say

    Sid Khullar , August 16, 2012 14:41 IST

    Apart from Brandy and hot water, the standard cure-all for army brats, the other oft-repeated home remedy I remember from my childhood is Ginger juice and honey. A mixture we always use ...
  • Home Remedies To Tackle That Hangover.

    Mid-Day , Mumbai, January 12, 2012 16:08 IST

    From munching on eggs and dunking down a herbal margarita to gulping down eggs and some bananas, we bring you some of the best tried and tested cures for a hangover. How ...
  • Is Veganism a Good Idea?

    AFP , Washington, September 15, 2011 12:34 IST

    Recently, former US President Bill Clinton told American news channel CNN that he is now a vegan and eschews meat, eggs, and dairy in order to be healthier.Once famed for his love ...