Swiggy India Admits Food Prices May Be Higher Online Vs At The Restaurant

Food delivery app Swiggy has been accused of making food prices significantly higher at the restaurant, as pointed on social media by a Twitter user.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: January 22, 2020 11:28 IST

Swiggy India Admits Food Prices May Be Higher Online Vs At The Restaurant

Swiggy India has come under the lens for hiking food prices and making them higher than restaurants.

  • A Twitter user accused Swiggy of hiking up food prices up to 50%
  • This comes a day after Zomato's take over of the Uber Eats business
  • Swiggy responded to the tweet, agreeing that prices may be higher

Food aggregator and delivery apps have come under the lens in the recent past. Be it because of them luring customers through heavy discounts, or the fact that the quality of food is far from ideal. Another incident that has yet again brought food delivery app Swiggy in limelight is about the food prices online, that is, on the app are significantly higher than if had directly at the restaurant. A twitter user took to social media to point out how the prices were much higher on the Swiggy India app. This news comes just a day after Zomato India acquired the business of food aggregator app Uber Eats.

The user claimed that there was a difference of at least 25% to 50% on the food aggregator app vis-a-vis the actual restaurant. Further, he alleged that delivery charges were also added to the high prices, which the customer had to bear entirely by himself as big discounts offered by the apps do not exist anymore. The Twitter user then concluded that home-cooked food would always prevail rather than restaurant food solely because of the above-mentioned reasons.


These claims were not left unanswered by the Swiggy India Twitter handle. Swiggy Cares, which is the helpline Twitter handle of food delivery app Swiggy, admitted to pricing differences online vs the food ordered directly from restaurants. The app's handle tweeted that they were trying to maintain transparency in their services, which extended to pricing on the food-ordering platform. They further added that the prices may be different online and offline at the discretion of the restaurant without any input from the app's end. Take a look at their response here:

But Swiggy Cares' response did not satisfy the consumer. Rather, he accused them of duping their consumers and denied the restaurants being involved in the price increase. To prove that his claims are not unfounded, he asked if he should share screenshots of the price differences. More users joined in the tweet thread and made further similar claims against Swiggy India.

In a world where everything is available at the touch of a button, the old saying 'consumer is king' holds true like never before. Now with just two major players left in the food delivery market making the competition stiffer, it is even more important to build a loyal customer base that stays true to the app. Short-lived discounts and offers would not help the case of these food aggregator apps, at least in the long run.


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