Twitter User's South Indian Parents Pair Kebab With Rice, Internet Is Confused

A Twitter user revealed how her parents paired Lucknowi Tunday kebabs with rice, and netizens were divided about the bizarre combination.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: January 08, 2021 12:15 IST

Twitter User's South Indian Parents Pair Kebab With Rice, Internet Is Confused

A hilarious Twitter thread discussed weird combinations of food.

  • Tunday kebab is a delicacy of Lucknow or Awadhi cuisine
  • A Twitter user shared how her South Indian parents paired it with rice
  • This led to a hilarious discussion about similar bizarre food pairings

Foodies on the internet are extremely passionate about local cuisines of the areas they hail from. The foods are meant to be eaten a certain way and combined with certain preparations as per the traditions of the region. Bizarre pairings and eccentric food combinations usually do not go down well with the internet and result in heated up discussions on various social media platforms. A recent Twitter thread too started a foodie debate when a couple paired Lucknowi Tunday kebabs with rice. Take a look:

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The tweet was originally shared by user @spadjay, and it garnered more than 1.3k likes and counting since the time it was posted. She revealed how her in-laws, hailing from Lucknow, had sent over some Tunday Kebab paste for her South Indian parents. They proceeded to fry the delectable kebabs and eat them with plain rice and poriyal (sautéed vegetable dish). She further said that her spouse was left 'horrified' with this combination of kebab and rice.


Tunday kebab is originally a dish from Lucknow, which is known for this and many more succulent kebab preparations. They are savoured on their own, or paired with soft breads such as Roomali roti. It is also accompanied with condiments such as fresh onion rings and mint chutney. Hence, the internet expressed their surprise when the kebabs were paired with rice.

Twitterati were divided over the pairing. While some agreed that curd rice and kebabs actually tastes delicious, others had a hard time digesting the combination. Other users also shared hilarious anecdotes from their own lives, revealing similar food accidents that they were witness to. Take a look at the reactions:

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