Twitter User's Viral Confession About Eating Pizza With Diet Coke Is So Relatable!

Twitter user @clairecmc confessed some of her guilty indulgences, and the tweet struck a chord with many people.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: February 23, 2021 10:08 IST

Twitter User's Viral Confession About Eating Pizza With Diet Coke Is So Relatable!

Twitter user confesses her most guilty indulgences.

  • We all like to indulge in some guilty pleasures every now and then
  • A Twitter user shared a relatable tweet about guilty indulgences
  • The tweet resonated with several social media users

Whether you like to binge on TV shows or a gooey cheesecake - we all have our own set of guilty pleasures. These are things that we usually avoid for multiple reasons, but even the best of us can succumb to every now and then. One long-standing joke is about people who have high calorific foods while avoiding sugar. Thus, they end up drinking alternatives with artificial sweeteners in them along with other high-calorie foods such as pizzas or burgers. This hilarious irony was the subject of a recent funny tweet, which has gone viral on the micro-blogging platform Take a look:

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"Is watching Great British Baking Show while on the treadmill the same as eating pizza with a Diet Coke? Guilty of both," wrote Twitter user @clairecmc in the post. She was making a reference to popular British reality series which features a competition between home bakers. The 11-season series has been a hit favourite among foodies for its catchy content, passionate creators and stunning baked goodies. Viewers often love to feast their eyes on the wonderful creations that contestants on the show make. Claire pointed out how she was guilty of watching the show while running on the treadmill - which was about as ironic as eating pizza with diet coke.


Twitter users could relate to the epic tweet, which received over 17.3k likes and counting. Users thronged the comments section by the hundreds, sharing their own insights into the relatable tweet.

Take a look at some of the reactions on social media.

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Are you guilty of a similar indulgence in the recent past? Tell us what you think of the viral tweet in the comments section below.


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