Viral: Biryani With 'Rosogolla' - Another Bizarre Food Experiment Rattles Internet

Viral Video: Rosogolla biryani is trending for all the wrong reasons and the netizens are not happy with the strange food experiment.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: October 09, 2020 13:17 IST

Viral: Biryani With <i>'Rosogolla'</i> - Another Bizarre Food Experiment Rattles Internet

Rosogulla biryani recipe video is going viral on social media.

  • A food blogger posted a video of rosogulla biryani on Facebook.
  • The biryani video went viral as soon at it was posted.
  • Here's how netizens are reacting to this strange food combination.

Year 2020 can be chronicled as 'the year of bizarre food combinations' without a shred of doubt. Home chefs took their creativity to a whole new level and came up with never-seen-before recipes that left us spellbound - sometimes with wonder and sometimes with disgust. Biryani has always been a hot topic for debates on social media. For years, netizens have argued over the authenticity of the traditional Indian dish, and this year got them busy questioning some chefs' strange twists in the dish, which in fact, propelled some more out-of-the-box biryani take-offs.

Looking back at biryani spins we saw this year, dal biryani, chocolate biryani and more such recipes scoffed biryani lovers to no end. Now, rosogolla biryani is trending for all the wrong reasons and the internet can't take it anymore.

A food blogger shared a video of the biryani and asked the viewers to guess what the white coloured-blob on top of the biryani was? Before anybody could wrap their mind around it, the blogger revealed it was rosogolla!

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Watch the viral video here:

The post on Facebook page 'Madly FOOD Lover' was captioned with - "The entire Mughal dynasty, the nawabs of Lucknow, the nizams of Hyderabad are feeling offended."

The rosogolla biryani video went viral as soon as it was posted with thousands of irked users lambasting this food experiment. Comments included -

"Please stop messing around with such delicious food.

"I'll home deliver it back with no respect. This is a crime."

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"Please stop! Even the introverts are here it's that serious... "BIRIYANI" is an emotion and we should not experiment/play with emotions."

"This is outright very to watch. Feeling sorry for Biryani."


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