White Chocolate and Lemon Pastry Recipe

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White Chocolate and Lemon Pastry
How to make White Chocolate and Lemon Pastry

About White Chocolate and Lemon Pastry Recipe: Season of love is often celebrated by delectable desserts that you relish with the special someone. Here is another delicious dessert, made with white chocolate and a tang of lemon, that you can prepare this valentine and enjoy the season of love.

Ingredients of White Chocolate and Lemon Pastry

  • 135 gms white chocolate
  • 170 gms fresh cream
  • 285 gms whip cream
  • 1 nos vanilla bean
  • 10 gms vanilla extract
  • 145 gms cream cheese
  • 12 gms gelatin
  • 5 nos lemon
  • 250 gms egg yolk
  • 185 gms butter
  • 185 gms castor sugar

How to Make White Chocolate and Lemon Pastry

  • 1.For lemon curd, cook sugar and butter on a double boiler. Add eggs and whisk well along with egg yolks when butter gets melted.
  • 2.Cook it for about one hour. Add lemon juice slowly.
  • 3.Let it thicken. Remove from range. Cool.
  • 4.For white chocolate cremeaux, boil cream with vanilla. Add to chocolate.
  • 5.Add bloomed gelatin. Emulsify.
  • 6.Add whip cream and vanilla extract into the mix.
  • 7.Cover and rest. Add cream cheese to mix and whip to medium peak.
  • 8.Pour it heart shape designer mould. Freeze.
  • 9.Scoop from the center. Fill lemon curd. Place vanilla cake sponge.
  • 10.Garnish with small chocolate hearts.
Key Ingredients: white chocolate, fresh cream, whip cream, vanilla bean, vanilla extract, cream cheese, gelatin, lemon, egg yolk, butter, castor sugar