Where Do You Get the Best Chole Bhature in Delhi?

NDTV Food  |  Updated: November 24, 2017 13:28 IST

Where Do You Get the Best Chole Bhature in Delhi?
A concoction of spicy and creamy Chole (chickpeas) along with puffy hot Bhature is the perfect indulgence when monsoon comes knocking. Especially in Delhi, this Punjabi delicacy has taken its food lovers by storm.  Usually accompanied by some tangy pickled carrots or radish and onion, this iconic dish has its die-hard fan following. But why is it loved so much? The reasons are well embedded in our Indian roots. The chickpeas are cooked with a host of earthy spices including cumin(jeera), coriander (dhania) and anardana (which lends it a tart flavour) in a hearty mix of a tomato and onion gravy.

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The pillowy deep fried goodness of a perfect Bhatura is achieved after the dough is fermented for almost one hour.  The Bhatura is then sprinkled with Indian masalas and stuffed with fresh crumbled paneer.  Its unprecedented popularity is therefore of no surprise. A steaming hot plate of Chole Bhature is an absolute decadent treat.  But if you have been wondering where exactly you can find the best Chole Bhature in Delhi, here is our pick of the Top 5 Chole Bhature joints.

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The streets of Delhi are definitely a foodies dream come true. An amalgamation of different cultures, taste and flavours, it encompasses them all. Here’s our pick on the Best Places to eat Chole Bhature in Delhi. Popular food bloggers and critics seem to agree with us as well.

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5. Kwality Restaurant, Connaught Place.

Situated in the midst of Delhi for the past 70 years this food joint has earned favourites all over the city. An iconic name among the restaurants at Connaught Place, Kwality Restaurant forms a part of fond memories for patrons who have been dining there through their childhood. Mention the dish Chana Bhatura to them and you will know what we are talking about!

Anoothi Vishal, a food blogger and a renowned food critic, says “What led to the popularity of Chole Bhature was obviously the fact that restaurants and even small hole-in-the-wall ones started selling them in Delhi, post partition as a hearty snack/meal. That Bhature is fried made them ‘safer’ to eat off the streets. An inexpensive, filling meal has its draw."

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She further adds, “My favourite place in Delhi for Chole Bhature is undoubtedly Kwality restaurant in CP. It is one of those early Delhi restaurants known for the dish and till today, it is the best”.

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4. Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Students are sure to agree with this one. Located in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Delhi University, North Campus, Chache Di Hatti serves Chole Bhature with an extra surprise of their tangy homemade pickle, spiced potatoes and green chilly.  Served on the humble abode of a cycler rickshaw, it sells its mighty big seller like hot cakes.  DU students never forget to mention Chache Di Hatti while recalling their adventurous college days. Student-friendly pricing of less than Rs.20 adds to its popularity.

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Shashank Aggarwal who started the food blog ‘Food Enthusiasts of Delhi’ recalls his visit to this place. By the time he reached there, the Bhaturas were already sold, but that didn’t disappoint this foodie. He says, “Drooling at the smell and sight of the food, I had to settle for the much humbler Kulcha as I really wanted an insight into the Chole that he was serving - because by the colour, texture and smell - they seemed nothing less than amazing. And thankfully my feelings did not change once I started eating them - loaded with spices, however not going overboard, hot but just hot enough - these Cholas instantly made me compare them to some of the best in the industry and for me it was a big deal for a guy selling from a bicycle”. For the Bhaturas, he says, “The character that the coal-fired angheeti adds to those Bhaturas is something that is hard to explain”.

3. Nand Di Hatti, Sardar Bazar

Serving piping hot Chole Bhature under just 80 Rupees, this place ranks high. Its USP is the use of desi ghee and homemade pickles. It’s known for its authentic flavours and the addition of semolina (suji) to their Bhatura that makes them fluffier.

Anubhav Sapra, writer of the food blog ‘Delhi Food Walks’, relates, “My first preference for CholeBhature is Nand di Hatti in Paan Mandi, Sadar Bazaar for various reasons. There is consistency in the taste and that they are very light. One experiences no heartburn after eating them”. He adds, “Their addition of suji to the Bhatura dough took me by surprise. The Bhaturas are soft and even crispy, with no oil dripping out. The Chole was a mix of delectable flavours”.

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2. Baba Nagpal Corner, Lajpat Nagar.

Ask any Delhi Foodie about their favourite Chole Bhature joint and there is a high chance that they will ask, “I’m sure you’ve tried out Nagpal’s Chhole Bhature near Moolchand?”  From college goers, auto wallas to corporate big-wigs, this food joint is where they get their decadent morning mix.

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From 7am in the morning, this place is surely the busiest around that area.  Hemanshu Kumar from ‘Eating out in Delhi’ writes, “I had one of those things which people rather theatrically call brainwaves: why not motivate myself with some good food? That’s where Nagpal comes into the picture”. Nagpal’s Chole are full-bodied and zesty and his Bhature are wonderfully soft and speckled with paneer inside, just the way I like them. And Nagpal has just the thing to accompany a plate of his Chole Bhature — a cold glass of sweet Lassi, sourced from the shop next door. The two together will set you back by no more than Rs. 35!”

1.     Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Paharganj.

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 And the winner of the best Chole Bhature in Delhi – drumroll – is Sita Ram Diwan Chand. From their small shop in Chuna Mandi near Imperial Cinema, Sitaram makes what many Delhi-ites believe to be the perfect Chole Bhatura. Certainly many customers, including leading industrialists and movie stars, travel great distances for their daily fix.

Mayank, Founder of Delhi Food Club, agrees with our winner and says, “Street food for me needs to be hearty, affordable, something the ‘aam aadmi’ can live on but most importantly it needs to represent a city like no other dish can. Chole Bhature the quintessential street food of Delhi- it is cheap, quick to make and extremely delicious”.

CommentsHe adds, “The best Chole Bhature, according to me, is Sita Ram Dewan Chand in Chuna Mandi, Paharganj. Their Bhatura is different to some other places in Delhi insofar that it does not rise that much but it takes nothing away from the taste. The Chole or Chane (as it is called) are amazingly spicy and sour. What truly elevates the dish at Sita Ram is the fantastic sweet and sour chutney that is served to everyone”.

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