Alcoholic Beverage

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  • Mud Slide

    A delicious and creamy Kahlua-based cocktail which is actually a dessert in disguise.

  • Moorish

    Listen up coffee lovers! This cocktail recipe is tailor-made for you. Loaded with Kahlua, Bailey's and Espresso shot, it is hard to resist.

  • Espresso Kahlua Martini

    One of the most popular Kahlua-based cocktails, this delicious vodkatini is shaken with Kahlua, Espresso shot and sugar syrup.

  • Unfinished Business

    A delicious concoction of Kahlua, Tequila, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters - a perfect balance of flavours and served in a wooden box filled with smoke.

  • White Russian

    A simple and easy cocktail that is creamy and delicious. It is stirred with Kahlua, vodka and cream.

  • Genie in a Bottle

    A fruity cocktail with a blast of blueberries, lime juice, white rum and lavender.

  • Cool as a Cucumber

    A refreshing drink with crisp cucumbers, gin, fresh mint and lime.

  • Pina Colada

    A mixture of rum, coconut water, cream, pineapple juice and sugar syrup. Cool down with this tropical favourite.

  • Earl-Y-Gin

    A gin-based cocktail infused with the tang of earl grey tea and the sweetness of cranberries.

  • Jell-O-Shots

    An easy yet impressive recipe with ample room to throw in your own creativity with shapes, colors, flavors etc.

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