Frozen Dessert

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  • Watermelon Lychee Granita

    Savour the refreshing flavours of watermelon and lychee swirling in this icy cool granita - perfect to beat that scorching summer heat. Sip and enjoy!

  • Kala Khatta Sorbet

    Beat the heat while indulging in this sweet and tangy icy affair. Sugar syrup blended with kala khatta syrup, black pepper, lemon juice and tons of ice, top it with garden green mint sprigs.

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    I hate being misled. As a consumer, whether I am buying a shirt that claims to be linen, or whether it's a face cream, I like to know whether I am getting my money's worth. ...

  • How To Make Perfect Kulfi At Home

    The joy of slurping on creamy chilled kulfi on a super-sunny day is above all. This rich frozen dessert made with reduced full fat milk is sure to keep you hooked for long as it ...

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