Martini Recipes

'Martini' - 17 Recipe Result(s)

  • Devil Martini

    The Beer Cafe gives you the perfect cocktail for a dinner party. The balanced taste of sugar and spice gives this vodka cocktail a great blend. The refreshing lime juice adds up to the everlasting ...

  • Kacchi Kairi Martini

    A light, summer drink to soak up the sun. Made from mangoes found exclusively in the summer season, this drink is fresh and just perfect for the hot season.

  • Espresso Kahlua Martini

    One of the most popular Kahlua-based cocktails, this delicious vodkatini is shaken with Kahlua, Espresso shot and sugar syrup.

  • Smoked Melon Martini

    Blend a martini with grey goose, cantaloupe melons, mint and lots of ice!

  • Mediterranean Martini

    Vodka with berries topped with sparkling wine.

  • Espresso Martini

    Coffee and hazelnut syrup give a very fresh twist to the classic martini.

  • Cuban Martini

    Vodka, fruit juice and sparkling wine with an orange twist.

  • Classic Dry Martini

    The classic martini with vodka and scotch.

  • Chocolate Martini

    Vodka and liqueur with a hint of chocolate and served with a chocolate cigar.

  • Cherry Martini

    Gin, martini, cherry juice and liqueur shaken and served with cherries on top.

  • Bellini

    Peach puree with sparkling wine makes for an elegant drink. Enjoy!

  • Kurumba Sunset

    Cachaca, peach liqueur and campari teamed together with orange and mint.

  • Kurumba Passion

    Cranberry , mango and pineapple juice combined with dark rum. Served in a tall glass with a slice of dragon fruit.

  • Kurumba Fire

    Orange curacao and vodka with cranberry juice.

  • High On Grass

    Feijoa vodka, sour apple liqueur, honey and apple juice teamed up and served in a wine glass.

  • Hemmingway Air

    Shaken white rum and cherry liqueur garnished with pink grapefruit foam and cherry.

  • Grilled Lemon Margarita

    Vanilla infused tequila and vanilla liqueur served in a martini glass topped with a grilled lemon.

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