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  • Pear Ice and Crunch

    A great dessert for summers, Icy sorbet is made with pears and mint, served on a crunchy bed of nuts, cornflakes, sesame, and coconut.

  • Pears in Saffron and Rose Syrup

    A delightful dessert, pears poached in a saffron and spice syrup, flavored with rose water.

  • Pears in Caramel Sauce

    Pears poached in a sugar and spice syrup and drizzled with a satiny caramel sauce.

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  • Pears For Weight Loss: 4 Ways How the Delicious Fruit Could Aid Weight Loss

    From jellies to jams, pear is one versatile fruit that never disappoints. Apart from being one of the most juicy and flavoursome fruits, pears or nashpati as it is called in Hindi, is also a ...

  • 4 Incredible Benefits of Pear (Nashpati)

    A typical fruit of temperate regions, pears have been one of the worlds oldest cultivated produce, given their versatility and long storage life. Here are 4 health benefits of pear and tips on buying it.

  • Our 10 Best Pear Recipes

    Pears have an affinity with many ingredients - sweet, savoury or spicy - and work well in diverse dishes, from breakfasts and sumptuous salads to pickles, pork and puds.Saffron-poached pears This is a fruit gifted ...

  • Pear Smoothie with Spinach, Celery and Ginger

    I have to admit, this began as a "clean out the refrigerator and (aging) fruit bowl" smoothie. I salvaged some spinach that had seen better days and finally used up the last of the pears ...

  • Fall Perfection: Pasta, Pumpkin and Pears

    Succulent summer tomatoes are a distant memory, but luckily wonderful pasta sauce can be made with fall's beautiful bounty of pears and pumpkins.

  • The Perfect Cure to a Deadly Hangover

    Heading out for a booze-fuelled night out? Drink pear juice to avoid a hangover!

  • 5 Genius Hacks to Keep Apples and Pears from Turning Brown

    Fruits like banana, apple, pear, avocado, potatoes and artichokes are quite prone to discoloration. The basic science behind these fruits turning brown is the exposure to air. This leads to a reaction between enzymes in ...

  • The Autumn Diet: All That You Need to Stock Up

    Beware of hogging on your favourite delights despite the temptation to do so before the winter sets in.Izzy Cameron, nutrition and weight management specialist at Diet Chef, an online business that delivers calorie counted meals, ...

  • This Simple Salad Will See You Through Winter: Recipe

    Green Salad With Pears, Pecans and Blue Cheese is a great salad recipe with just four ingredients, and each can be varied based on your preferences or what you have at home.

  • Recipes From Bruno Loubet's New Restaurant

    From a corn and quinoa tamale to a chocolate brownie and pear tart, recipes from the French chef's new restaurant Grain Store. It's not vegetarian - but the veg gets equal star billing.Potato and rye ...