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  • Deviled Scotch Egg

    About Deviled Scotch Egg Recipe: Full boiled eggs wrapped with herbed mashed potatoes and spices and a deviled egg yolk., deviled scotch eggs are perfect starter or breakfast dish to prepare at home.

  • Butter Scotch Cookies

    About Butter Scotch Cookies Recipe: A delicious cookie recipe to accompany your hot cup of tea. These melt in your mouth butter scotch cookies are soft yet crispy, packed with the flavour of butter scotch ...

  • Quail Scotch Eggs with Micro Green Salad

    Quail eggs coated with a lentil mix and deep fried till golden brown. Serve with a fresh salad made with micro greens.

  • Scotch Egg And Broth

    Scotch Egg And Broth is a diffrent breakfast recipe which which made by boiled egg,lamb meat and bread crumbs.

  • Classic Dry Martini

    The classic martini with vodka and scotch.

  • Chocolate Martini

    Vodka and liqueur with a hint of chocolate and served with a chocolate cigar.

  • Cherry Martini

    Gin, martini, cherry juice and liqueur shaken and served with cherries on top.

  • Bellini

    Peach puree with sparkling wine makes for an elegant drink. Enjoy!

  • Kurumba Sunset

    Cachaca, peach liqueur and campari teamed together with orange and mint.

  • Kurumba Passion

    Cranberry , mango and pineapple juice combined with dark rum. Served in a tall glass with a slice of dragon fruit.

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  • Booming India Helps Drive Demand for Scotch Whisky

    Scotch whisky exports rose 3.1 percent in the first six months of 2016, driven by booming demand in India.Demand in India, where the market grew 41 percent by volume and 28 percent by value, helped ...

  • Felicity Cloake's Veggie Scotch Eggs - Recipe

    Spicy chickpeas replace the sausage meat in this easy vegetarian version of a classic scotch egg, from Felicity Cloake's perfect picnic.A British picnic classic with the flavours of Moorish Spain, these are as delicious as ...

  • You'd Think It's Scotch. You'd be Wrong.

    Call them American originals, flattering imitators or spunky, funky derivatives. Call them smart business choices or unique expressions of region and craft; call them intensely smoky, delicately aromatic, honeyed and heavenly.

  • Scotch Eggs Around the World-  It Has Never Been Just A British Thing

    From India to Belgium and Brazil to Poland, meatballs, meatloaves, burgers and koftas have all had an egg added to rival our gastropub favourite.

  • In Pro-EU Scotland, Whisky Makers Cheer Brexit Boon

    While most of Scotland voted against leaving the European Union, whisky makers have quietly been raising a wee dram to a side-effect of the Brexit vote -- a plunge in the value of the pound.

  • A bourbon-rye blend, you say?

    In 2009, when he released Bourye, his oddball blend of bourbon and rye whiskeys, David Perkins, the founder of High West Distillery in Utah, decided to protect his ownership of the term even though, he ...

  • Learn how to drink whisky

    Can you learn to love scotch? Over to Edinburgh to find out. And read on for five whiskies to get you startedScotch scares me. With its strange salty flavour, antiseptic aroma and fiery scorch as ...

  • The Good Mixer: Hop Scotch Cocktail Recipe

    A whisky cocktail with a warming ginger kick. Pork scratchings optional

  • How Japanese Whisky is Taking on Scotch

    For, alongside an exhaustive list of whiskies from all over Scotland some exceedingly rare there's a sizeable selection from Japan.

  • Whisky is Scotland's Most Recognised Asset

    Whisky is Scotland's most recognised asset, with 40 bottles of Scotch shipped overseas each second, according to a survey Monday.Scotch Whisky came top with 26 percent, ahead of other Scottish icons like tartan apparels, scenery, ...

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