High-Protein Diet: How To Make Quick And Easy Chickpea Soup For Weight Loss

High-Protein Diet: Soups are light, easy on stomach and can be made according to our taste palate. Here's a quick chickpea soup that is rich in protein and can help in weight loss too.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: September 18, 2020 12:53 IST

High-Protein Diet: How To Make Quick And Easy Chickpea Soup For Weight Loss

Protein Diet: This soup tosses chickpeas with a host of healthy veggies and herbs.

  • Protein Diet: Chickpea is a rich source of protein and fibre
  • When added to a bowl of soup, it can be a wholesome yet light meal
  • Here's an easy chickpea soup recipe that you can try for weight loss

No matter how much you love indulging in rich and rustic curries, kebabs and all things decadent, a bowl of soup will always come as a relief when you need something comforting and fulfilling. Light, easy on the stomach and highly nutritive, soups are naturally associated with all things healthy but you'll be surprised to know how delicious they can be. Soups usually include a broth filled with veggies or meat lightly spiced, that you can choose according to your taste. The best part is you can make soup with any food you like and enjoy it any time.

From classic clear soups to the one packed with zesty spices and crunchy veggies, you can have it all. You can also throw in some spices with boiled meat and there's nothing more wholesome and comforting than that! But did you know you could enjoy a high-protein soup full of chickpeas as well? Chickpea is power-packed with protein along with fibre, vitamins and several essential nutrients that make it a healthy addition to our diet. Being protein rich and having good quality fibres that help promote healthy heart, chickpeas also help facilitate digestion and weight loss.

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This soup tosses chickpeas with a host of healthy, light and nutritive veggies and herbs such as leeks, celery, onions, garlic, chives, rosemary, thyme along with zucchini and bell peppers in chickpea stock. The addition of red chilli flakes lends a tinge of spice. This recipe also uses white wine, which you may skip. Topped with sauteed leftover chickpeas, bell peppers, zucchini and yellow squash along with grated cheese, this chickpea soup is a wholesome high-protein meal that is perfect for days where you are looking to eat light yet fulfilling with a tinge of flavour. And what's better than a light and lovely high-protein soup that would also aid in weight loss?

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Find the full recipe of chickpea soup here.

Try it at home and share your experience in the comments section below.


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