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  • Cappuccino

    Why do you want to go out and buy yourself some coffee? A large cuppa coffee at the breakfast table made at home on a wintery morning. Bliss.

  • Kahwa

    A hot comforting beverage that hails from the beautiful Kashmir. Kahwa leaves simmered in water with cinnamon, cardamom and the added crunchiness of almonds.

  • Kesaria Doodh

    A hot milk beverage flavored with saffron and cardamom.

  • Virgin Mary

    A non-alcoholic savory beverage with tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, tobasco, black pepper, salt and celery.

  • Bailey's Delight

    Sweet and creamy, with the kick of alcohol, this beverage is perfect for winters giving you something delicious to sip on as well as warming you up from within.

  • Banana Milkshake

    Cream and vanilla essence adds that extra tang to this banana shake.

  • Musk Melon Milkshake

    Musk melon merged in with milk, cream and vanilla essence, topped off with ice cream.

  • Instant Coffee

    Kick start your morning with a hot cup of instant coffee.

  • Irish Coffee

    Irish coffee is a bewitching combination of sweet, whisky-laced coffee through softly-whipped cream. Very simple, very indulgent, very delicious.

  • Smoked Infused Negroni

    Negroni is a classic cocktail stirred up with gin. Relish a balance of sweet, savoury and bitter flavours, in one elegant drink.

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