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  • Kedgeree

    Kedgeree is a dish inspired from the Indian khichdi. This British version is cooked with flaked poached fish, boiled rice, curry powder and boiled eggs.

  • Pound Cake

    Pound cake of British origin is traditionally made with a pound of each of it's main ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar and butter.

  • Buttermilk Scones

    Crisp outside, buttery and fluffy on the inside. These buttermilk scones are the perfect tea time option. Served with a delectable strawberry jam and whipped cream.

  • Fish and Chips

    The classic dish from Britain. Hot and crispy deep fried fish with potato fries (known as chips in Britain).

  • Tartare Sauce

    A creamy dipping sauce made with mayonnaise. Usually used with sea food, this dip is loaded with flavor.

  • Mince Pie

    A lovely Christmas recipe for your friends and family. Mince pie is a sweet British pie stuffed with a mix of dry fruits, apples and brandy.

  • Bacon and Tomato Casserole

    A delicately baked dish of bacon and macaroni topped with tangy tomato puree. Casserole is a French dish which in British English is frequently also called a bake.

  • Bangers and Mash

    Bangers and mash is a traditional British dish. Quick and easy to make. Chicken sausages with fluffy mashed potatoes.

  • Chicken Sauvignon and Vegetable Stew

    British cuisine with a desi tadka. Chicken breast and veggies cooked in white wine with the aroma of thyme.

  • Eggy Bread BLT

    On Travelling Diva, while cooking, eating and shopping in London, Ritu Dalmia shares her version of a BLT sandwich with eggs. BLT is a popular British tea time sandwich which stands for bacon, lettuce and ...

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