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    • Delhi Auto Driver Creates Vegetable Garden On Roof, Wins Praise

      A Delhi-based auto driver is winning praise for creating a rooftop vegetable garden on his auto rickshaw.

    • Amid Pandemic, Microwave Popcorn Sales Witness Surge In Europe - Here's Why

      Microwave popcorn is the having a moment amidst the pandemic, as sales witness a surge in Europe. But why is this happening? Here's a lowdown.

    • Unique Igloo Restaurant In Japan Enable Social Distancing With A Twist (Pics Inside)

      A village of restaurants shaped like Igloos pops up in Japan every year, and enables social distancing with an interesting concept.

    • Italian Food Legend Ado Campeol Aka 'Father Of Tiramisu' Dies Aged 93

      Ado Campeol, also known as the 'Father of Tiramisu' has passed away aged 93. He is widely credited for the invention of the divine Italian dessert.

    • French Chef First Woman To Earn Three Michelin Stars In US

      Crenn, who grew up in France, has said that she inherited her interest in cuisine from her parents.

    • Less Salty Diets Would Save Millions of Lives: Study

      Reducing salt intake worldwide by only ten percent could save millions of lives, a study reported Wednesday.

    • Red Meat Link to Common Bowel Disease: Study

      A diet rich in red meat has been linked to a heightened risk of a bowel inflammation called diverticulitis, according to a study published Tuesday.

    • McDonald's Sells China Operations for $2.08 Billion

      US fast-food giant McDonalds will sell a controlling stake in its China and Hong Kong business for up to $2.08 billion to a consortium including state-owned Citic and the Carlyle Group, it was announced Monday.

    • US Stocks Mostly Lower: McDonald's Unveils China Deal

      Wall Street stocks were mostly lower early Monday following a spate of merger and acquisition announcements, including a big McDonald's divestment in China.

    • Weekend Exercise May be As Good As Daily Workouts: Study

      People who exercise mainly on the weekends may reap significant health and survival benefits, on par with people who work out more regularly, researchers said Monday.

    • Zimbabwe Bans Street Food Over Typhoid, Cholera Fears

      Zimbabwe has banned street food vendors in the capital Harare after a typhoid outbreak blamed on poor sanitation and erratic water supplies.

    • US Cancer Death Rate Drops 25 Percent Since 1991

      The cancer death rate in the United States has dropped 25 percent from a peak in 1991, mainly due to a steady decline in smoking and advances in early detection and treatment of tumors, new research released Thursday shows.

    • Japan's 'Tuna King' Wins Annual Auction For $636,000

      Japan's self-styled "Tuna King" has done it again -- paying more than $600,000 for a single fish.

    • Living Close To Major Roads Increases Dementia Risk: Study

      People living near major roads have a higher chance of developing dementia, according to a large-scale study published in British medical journal The Lancet on Thursday.

    • Nigeria's 'Plastic Rice' Real But Inedible: Official

      Around 100 bags of "plastic rice" seized in Lagos have turned out to contain real but contaminated rice, authorities said Friday in Nigeria, where prices for the staple have rocketed.

    • Britain Gets Creative in Fighting Rampant Food Waste

      One of Europe's worst offenders on food waste, Britain is beginning to get its act together thanks to a surge in volunteer initiatives that help the poor as well as creating a bit of seasonal cheer.

    • Taiwan Prisoners Turn Artisan Chefs As 'Jail Food' Takes Off

      The additive-free delicacies made by prison inmates have gained a loyal public following, and generate hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

    • China's Giant Cow Farms Leave Neighbours Up Milk Creek

      Large-scale dairy farms have boomed in the Asian giant, as its near 1.4 billion consumers overcame centuries of cultural reluctance to embrace the white fluid.

    • China's Smoggiest City Closes Schools Amid Public Anger

      China's smoggiest city closed schools Wednesday as much of the country suffered its sixth day under an oppressive haze, sparking public anger about the slow response to the threat to children's health.

    • Modern Life, Bad Habits: Africa Faces Deadly New Illnesses

      A World Health Organisation (WHO) survey released Tuesday showed that most Africans had at least one risk factor for developing one of these diseases, such as smoking, a lack of exercise, poor diet and obesity.

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