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  • Pizza Cutlet

    As interesting as pizza cutlet sounds, we can assure you that this recipe will be loved by people of all ages, especially kids. This recipe is easy to make and is the perfect snack for ...

  • Sweet Bonda

    Sweet Bonda : Have you ever tried this sweet bonda, this is a quick and easy snack recipe which is made with wheat flour, rice flour & jaggery. Sweet Bonda is perfect for tea time.

  • Idli Tikki

    As interesting as idli Tikki sounds, we can assure you that it is also delicious. This recipe can be easily made with leftover idlis, and it also has a nutritional twist since you can add ...

  • Potato Cheese Shots

    If you have guests coming over this weekend, surprise them with your culinary skills, by serving them these delicious homemade potato cheese shots. Serve it with your dips and enjoy!

  • Rajma Sundal

    Rajma has essential nutrients like- iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin K1. With so many benefits to this, let us see how to make rajma sundal snack recipe.

  • Baigan Bhaja

    Eggplants are also high in antioxidants, can reduce the risk of heart diseases, help with digestion, and aid in weight loss! So, with the variety of such benefits of these vegetables- the baingan bhaja is ...

  • Soya 65

    with so many nutritional benefits of soya bean- trying the soya 65 is worth a shot. This recipe is prepared with fried soya chunks and a tasty blend of spices; find the recipe below.

  • Potato Smiley

    Wondering how to make that famous potato smiley at home? Fret not, here's the recipe for you. Pair up with your favourite dip and enjoy!

  • Chicken Keema Bread Roll

    Chicken keema bread roll is the non-vegetarian variation of the bread roll. As the name itself explains it, instead of stuffing the bread with aloo, we stuff it with chicken keema.

  • Homemade Chicken Nuggets

    Loved by all, this crispy tiny treat is simply irresistible! And the best part is - this recipe is so easy to make and requires just a few ingredients in its preparation. Pair it up ...

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