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    • Why Manuka, the Famed Honey, is a Taste of Money

      Even children now know that manuka, the honey choice of celebrities, is hyped and overpriced. So, whats Gwyneth going to do now?

    • The New York Pop-up Restaurant That Takes Its Dishes From the Rubbish Bin

      Chef Dan Barber is unflinchingly proving that food waste can be deliciously repurposed. My old lettuce, I fear, is beyond help.

    • Marco Pierre White: My Work Was a Painkiller - It Was Where I Hid

      Marco Pierre White was the chef who cooked like an angel, looked like a rock star and changed the way the world thought of British food. Rachel Cooke meets him on the 25th anniversary of his game-changing cookbook White Heat.

    • The Christmas Turkey: Is it Ever Worth the Bother?

      No matter how you cook it - and I have one recipe that needs 32 items in the stuffing alone - a Christmas turkey will never be more than just fine.In his brilliant book of essays, The Man Who Ate Everything, the food writer Jeffrey ...

    • Supermarkets are Past Their Sell-By Date. They Just Don't Know It Yet

      More people are shopping online or buying from their local grocer. Should the big stores be worried? I have a hunch that they should...As I write, Tesco shares are still in freefall following the profit warning the company issued at the end of last month....

    • The Perfect Holiday Needs a Perfect Cafe

      It's not the beach, the walking or the weather: finding a good place to eat can turn a good holiday into a great oneFor a long time, a friend of mine has based her summer holiday almost entirely around a single restaurant, returning to the ...

    • Packed lunch: the highs and lows of eating al desko

      It used to be an egg sandwich and an apple. Now the ingredients have improved, but the ritual remains the sameFirst, let me take you back. It is 1978. I am in junior school, and we are on a trip to somewhere improving and ancient ...

    • What I've learned about 2013's food trends

      Baking's not going away any time soon, gin really is coming back this time - and I've found quite the best toasted sandwich in Britain Another year almost wrapped up, and what have we learned? Here, live from my kitchen and entirely free of additives,...

    • How to be a Good Dinner Party Host

      It's not too hard: cook what you know, put out enough booze, and have proper napkins. So why do so many get it wrong?Since this is a "how to" issue of OFM, I thought I'd write a few notes on how to be a good ...

    • Never Trust Anyone Who is Rude to a Waiter

      There's a lot of bad behaviour in restaurants these days. But I always follow my gran's rule...I remember my grandmother telling me that if I were ever to marry, I should make sure he was kind. But she might just as well have said: "Find ...

    • Kitchen Rules For 2013

      She never makes new year resolutions, but this year Rachel Cooke wants to avoid dirty food - and stay on Team Cheese.On the second day of this month, feeling tired of brandy snaps, I looked inside my freezer in search of savoury inspiration and found......

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