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    • Breakfast of Champions: Alexa Chungs Scrambled Eggs with Avocado

      When the British model and presenter is in New York, this is a favourite way to kick off her day.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Donna Karan's Egg White Omelette

      The fashion designer has one of these every morning, washed down with a green vegetable juice.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Mozart's Capon

      The great composer was very fond of this Viennese recipe to help start a day of inspiration.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Thomas Hardy's Kettle Broth

      Soothing, simple, and one of the great author's last meals.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Elizabeth Taylor's Mimosa

      Did the glamorous star of Hollywood's golden age kick off her day with a cocktail? Of course she did

    • Breakfast of Champions: Tom Daley's Beans on Toast

      If you've ever wondered why the Olympic diver always seems so full of beans, it's because he breakfasts on them.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Bob Marley's Curry Goat

      Jamaica's classic curry goat was the reggae legend's choice of wedding day breakfast.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Jane Austen's Pound Cake

      The great novelist would have started her writing day with this moist, dense cake and tea.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Georgia O'Keeffe's Chile Verde

      Transport yourself to the artist's beloved New Mexico with her green pepper sauce recipe.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Martin Luther King's Cornbread

      The minister and civil rights campaigner loved southern specialities, and this version is a sweet way to start the day.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Albert Einstein's Fried Eggs in Honey

      He's famous for his physics theory, now try Einstein's relatively tasty egg breakfast

    • Breakfast of Champions: Usain Bolt's Ackee and Saltfish

      The world's fastest man likes to linger over this Caribbean dish.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Scarlett Johansson's Frittata

      One of the actor's specialities, and a wonderful, wobbly way to start the day.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Nora Ephron's Ricotta Pancakes

      Youve seen her films; now brighten up your morning with one of her recipes.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Oprah Winfrey's Smoothie

      These days, the media mogul, actor and TV host is extremely careful about what she eats.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Aung San Suu Kyi's Fish Soup

      Fish soup is a Burmese breakfast staple, and the Nobel peace prize-winner had it most days while under house arrest (catfish optional).

    • Breakfast of Champions: Charlie Chaplin's Wheat Cakes

      The all-time cinematic great liked to breakfast on old-school pancakes.

    • Breakfast of Champions: PG Wodehouse's Coffee Cake

      Every morning, Jeeves author PG Wodehouse breakfasted on tea, toast and a slice of coffee cake, while reading what he called a -breakfast book-, often a mystery novel.

    • Breakfast of Champions: Ren Redzepis Porridge With Pork

      It might sound odd to those more used to porridge with sugar or honey, but Nomas Ren Redzepi savoury version is remarkably tasty

    • Samuel Pepys Breakfast Sandwich

      Pepys was fond of very protein-heavy breakfasts, involving the likes of brawn.

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