13 Foods You Have Been Eating Wrong All Your Life

Sushmita Sengupta  |  Updated: November 27, 2017 13:25 IST

13 Foods You Have Been Eating Wrong All Your Life
  • Did you know you have been peeling the oranges wrong?
  • Perhaps there is a better way to peel your banana as well
  • Here are 13 food items you have been eating wrong
Don’t you just hate it when you can’t enjoy the food in all its glory because some bone comes in the way of you having a wholesome experience? Or it could be its nasty stems, seeds, weird shape, etc. There could be a number of food items which make you wonder why are they so difficult to eat. What if we were to tell you that they are not the ones to be blamed entirely? It’s how you are consuming them that is making it a ‘complex deal’. Yes, there are ways to having different food items in the right manner. We list down 13 such food items you have probably been eating wrong all your life.

1. Strawberries

No, you don’t need to cut out the stem, and end up loosing out on half the fruit. Take a hollow straw push it through the bottom to the top, leaving a larger morsel for you to enjoy.

2. Bananas
Wondering what are bananas doing on the list? Because you obviously had this one figured all out. But there exists an easier way of peeling your favourite fruit and that is not from the stem. It is from the opposite side, just squeeze the little nub at the end gently and see your banana pop open from the other end.
3. Cupcakes

How much do we love our freshly baked cupcakes and how we hate when the frosting is everywhere else (read: nose, cheeks, hair) than where it should be (inside our mouth). Here’s a tip: twist off the bottom of the cake, invert the half with the frosting and place it on the other half, making it your own cupcake sandwich. This way you get to enjoy the yummy frosting with every bite of the cake too.

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4. Oranges 

Tired of peeling the outer skin of the orange to reach the inside and struggling with small pieces of the outer skin? Try this method, which is the quickest and easiest way to to do it, and it only involves three slices of a knife.
Firstly, you cut off the top and the bottom of the orange.Next, you make a cut into the one side of the orange, until the knife reaches the fruit's centre. Then, it's just a case of spreading the skin open to reveal all the intact and neat segments. Peel and enjoy!

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5. Chinese Take-Out

No, you don’t have to rush to kitchen to get a plate when you get or order a Chinese take-out. The box is meant to be broken and arranged in way of a plate. Next time just grab your forks or chopsticks and just dig in.

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6. Mango

Summers are here and so are mangoes! And guess what? We have got a trick that would save you the mess that comes with eating the king of fruits. Slice the mango, and take the seed out and now slide each of the slice down a small glass, thereby saving you the task of separating the peel from the pulp.
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7. Pomegranate

Now you don’t have to spend all the time to take out pomegranate seeds. To save your fingers from the time consuming process, just cut the fruit in half and gently tap both the halves with the back of a wooden spoon and see the seeds fall out.
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8. Boiled Eggs

Picking the shell of boiled eggs may not be that tedious a task. Trust baking soda to be your aide in the task. Baking soda is alkaline in nature. Adding a teaspoon of baking soda in the cooking water makes it alkaline, which helps in loosening the bond between the egg whites and the shell. Thus it is easier to peel the eggs. You can sprinkle the baking soda after you submerge the eggs.
boiled eggs

9. Lettuce Wrap For tacos

Now you don’t have to worry about the fillings of your tacos being all over the place as you take a bite. Just wrap a piece of romaine lettuce around your taco, it serves as the pocket to the broken shell and the fillings of the taco. Make the most of each bite now!
lettuce wrap
10. Ice Cream Brick

You don’t have to go all ninja trying to slice the frozen ice cream with your knife. You simply have to remove the ice cream tub and place it under hot water for just about 20 seconds. Invert the tub on a plate and slice away effortlessly.
ice cream

11. Slicing Kiwi

Peeling the skin of the fruit is perhaps the toughest thing about the fruit as a whole. But that doesn’t mean nature wants to withhold you from reaping the multifarious benefits of the delicious fruit. You just have to be smart in making the most of it. Take kiwi for instance, slicing the skin of the whole fruit might take away a lot of pulp. You can instead slice the fruit width-ways into thin pieces and then try peel off the thin layer of skin. Or if you are too lazy to even do that, take the fruit and slice it in half, and then scoop the flesh out with a teaspoon and enjoy.

12. Avocados

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With avocados too, you can try the same approach as kiwi, but cut them lengthways in two havlves, pick out the seed, and scoop out the flesh with the help of a spoon and enjoy.

13. Cherry or Plum Tomatoes

Cutting these little delights individually can be quite a task, Here’s a hack that can come in handy. Flip a plate, and gather all the tomatoes on that side. Place another plate on the top and press gently. And then using a sharp knife just slice through. 
cherry tomato

CommentsHere you go! Try these easy tricks to deal with your favourite foods without any trouble.

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