Brilliant Kitchen Tricks That'll Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Brilliant Kitchen Tricks That'll Make Your Life So Much Easier

For the last 20 minutes or so, the only words my brain has formed are “Egad! That’s genius!” thanks to these food hacks I’ve been going over. A cook’s arch-nemesis can take the form of a big, overtly complicated cooking procedure or a small but time-consuming pricky problem – and so, any time-saving detours are always welcome with a big hug and a faint sigh of relief.

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1. Fish generally sticks to the surface you’re cooking it on - making it hard to serve it in one piece. Cue sad face. This is especially true while grilling it but that was before this brilliant tip swooped in to save the day. Simply cook your fish on a bed of lemons - not only will it soak up the lovely lemon flavours, it’ll also come off in one piece. Plus, it’ll be a breeze to clean up the grill afterwards.  

Source -The Mother Huddle

2. If you thought your cheese dreams were good, wait till you see this. So stunningly easy, even a guy who can’t boil water in a blast furnace can make this. Sadly, this is only recommended as an occasional treat.

Source - Imgur

3. Never go wrong with tea temperatures again, yay!

Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion

65°C - 70°C

70°C - 75°C

75°C - 80°C

80°C - 85°C


Source - Imgur

4. Put your ice cream in a plastic bag inside the freezer. It’ll stay soft forever! No more rock-hard ice cream or bent spoons!   

Source - Reddit/CorbinMontego

5. Wrap banana stems with plastic to keep them fresh for longer. It prevents ethylene gas, produced naturally in the ripening process, from reaching other parts of the fruit and prematurely ripening it. Even better is to wrap them separately and not in a bunch because your prematurely ripe bananas are going to put off more ethylene gas which will only serve to make all the bananas ripen that much faster.

Source - Instructables/wilgubeast

6. Always knew everything related to cupcakes can only be incredible. Use cupcake liners to save your fingers from ice cream stickiness or to cover up drinks to keep them bug-free.

Source - Imgur
Source - Imgur

7. Ladies and gentlemen, the mighty Meat-Doneness Hand Test.

Source - Imgur

8. Warm some mineral oil and oil up eggs before keeping them in the fridge to make them last for weeks! It doesn’t matter if the layer of oil is thick or thin as long as every part of the egg is covered.

Source - Preparedness Pro

9. The easiest way to remove pits from strawberries. Just put a straw through them.

Source - Imgur

10. Re-grow spring onions in shot glasses in your kitchen. The first re-grow will be slightly milder in taste. Save about an inch of your spring onion bottoms. Place them in a shot glass with some water. Change the water every day. In about five days, say hello to all new spring onions!

Source - Imgur

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