Have You Tried the Nitrogen Ice Cream?

The entire procedure of making the liquid nitrogen ice cream is so exciting and unique that people often watch it like it's a show.

Anantika kapoor  |  Updated: July 03, 2017 19:27 IST

Have You Tried the Nitrogen Ice Cream?
What better way to see the practice of molecular gastronomy than in the very trendy 'nitrogen ice cream' that is doing the rounds today. The world is advancing rapidly, thus, why must the ice cream industry be left behind? This is a move forward within the gastronomical world of ice creams. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

Coming to the basics, let's have a look at what liquid nitrogen is. In simple terms, liquid nitrogen is colourless, odourless nitrogen found in a liquid state at its lowest temperature. It is most suitable for making ice cream as it causes "rapid freezing" due to its chemical composition and characteristics. Liquid nitrogen gas has innumerable uses that include freezing water and oil pipes, as a coolant and so on, apart from making nitrogen ice cream.

The entire procedure of making the liquid nitrogen ice cream is so exciting and unique that people often watch it like it's a show. What makes consumers prefer this ice cream over the mainstream ones is its creamy texture owing to the fact that the liquid nitrogen helps break the ice crystals to such a small size that it lends consistency to the entire texture of the ice cream. It is often believed, in the world of ice creams, that the smaller the ice crystals, the silkier the texture of the ice cream.

With a plethora of exquisite flavors ranging from the all-time favorite nutella to caramel, dark chocolate and so on, liquid nitrogen ice creams are truly taking the world by storm. They also have an edge over other ice creams, keeping in mind the fact that they are made and served fresh, without any kind of preservatives required to store them. This process does not require any electronic machine previously used to make ice cream and in fact is much faster than any prior method of making ice creams.

Truly doing justice to this ice cream trend is Azote in SDA market, New Delhi. They offer a range of flavours, tempting the customers even more to try the different kinds. Coffee and Toasted Almonds and Blueberry Cheesecake seem to be hot-selling.

Often consumers get curious about the whole concept of using nitrogen to make ice creams. Several questions come up regarding its storage, utilization and so on and so forth. To this, Vijay, the person manning the section of nitrogen ice creams at Azote says, "We store the liquid nitrogen in our 55L cylinder. It exists at a temperature of -196 degree Celsius. We get our supply of this liquid nitrogen from medical stores and hospitals."

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Other places in Delhi NCR where you can try this new-age ice cream include Niice Cream, Cherry Comet and Ice Pan Creamery to name a few. Nitrogen ice creams are a treat for those who love experiencing and exploring with their taste buds. So are you up for it?



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