Healthy Diet: 2 Scrumptious Lotus Root Salad Recipes For A Filling Meal

There are several interesting ways of adding lotus root to your diet. You can consume it in many different ways and salad is one of the best ones.

Sakshi  |  Updated: August 05, 2019 16:37 IST

Healthy Diet: 2 Scrumptious Lotus Root Salad Recipes For A Filling Meal

Lotus root or kamal kakdi is very nutritious and can be cooked in a number of ways

  • Kamal kakdi or lotus root is a nutritious part of the flower
  • Lotus root is rich in dietary fibre and a number of nutrients
  • Lotus root salads can be consumed as part of a healthy diet

Lotus is the national flower of India and with good reason. The beauty of the flower is enough to inspire bards and minstrels to write songs. Nutritionally speaking, the flower has much to offer. From its seeds to its stem and even the tubers (both young and mature) are consumed in various parts of the world, more prominently in China, Southeast Asia and India. From salads to soups to even crispy snacks, edible parts of the lotus are consumed in numerous ways. Lotus root is one of the most commonly consumed parts of the flower and it is said to have a rich nutritional profile. Also known as kamal kakdi or bhain in Hindi, lotus root is cooked in curries, soups, snacks and salads. It can be deep-fried, stir-fried or simply boiled and consumed for a filling meal.

Lotus Root Nutrition Facts And Benefits

Kamal kakdi is said to be rich in dietary fibre (3 grams per 100 gram portion, as per data by United States Department of Agriculture) and complex carbohydrates, as well as potassium, iron and a range of essential vitamins. The food is cooked mostly like a vegetable and used in savoury preparations. It is said to boost digestion and regulate blood pressure levels. Lotus root is also said to prevent water retention and promote weight loss by curbing hunger pangs. The presence of vitamins B and C in lotus root may help stimulate collagen production in the skin and scalp, boosting the health of the skin and hair. There are several interesting ways of adding lotus root to your diet. You can cook it in many different ways and with the use of a variety of cooking methods and ingredients, which makes the food quite a versatile ingredient.

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Lotus root or kamal kakdi is rich in a number of nutrients

Lotus Root Salad Recipes- Here are two recipes of salads made from lotus root or kamal kakdi:

1. Methi And Lotus Root Salad Recipe

Methi or fenugreek is a vegetable that is replete with health benefits, just like lotus roots. While the former is rich in a rainbow of nutrients and low in calories, the latter is rich in satiating and energising carbohydrates. The lotus root is deep-fried in this recipe, but you may opt to bake them like vegetable chips and use them in the salad.

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2. Mixed Lotus Root Salad Recipe

This recipe is a very unique one. It involves soaking lotus root and pumpkin in vinegar to soften them. The soaked and softened vegetables are then tossed with an assortment of cabbage and lettuce leaves and fruits like pomello and pomegranate.

Lotus root is a nutritional powerhouse and you may simply munch on the crunchy, boiled root as a mid-meal snack to tide over those intense hunger pangs.


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