High-Protein Diet: 4 Protein-Rich Breads You Can Add To Your Diet

Breads made from whole grains may actually be beneficial for your health. Here are four types of bread that are rich in fibre and protein!

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: June 29, 2019 11:44 IST

High-Protein Diet: 4 Protein-Rich Breads You Can Add To Your Diet

High-protein diet: 4 healthy breads that you can add to your diet

  • You can include bread in your high-protein diet effectively
  • Whole grain breads are healthier and more nutritious
  • Rye bread, quinoa bread and more protein-rich breads

Breads are a controversial food for a number of reasons, one of which is that most commercially-available breads are rich in processed grains. Breads made from processed grains add unnecessary calories to your diet, without lending any benefits and they may even lead to weight loss and other health issues. Breads have been demonised, all thanks to countless research studies that have blamed this common food for raised blood sugar levels, obesity and other ailments. However, all breads are not alike. Breads made from whole grains may actually be beneficial for your health as whole grains come with a whole lot of nutrition, including essential micro- and macro-nutrients.

Unless you're on a low-carb diet, you may include whole grain breads in your diet, given that you eat them with high-fibre vegetables and good quality protein for a more holistic meal. There are certain whole grain and nut bread options that are healthier than brown bread and refined flour white breads. These breads are high in their fibre and protein content and are especially good for those who need to load up on high amounts of protein on a daily basis.

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High-Protein Breads

1. Oat Bread

Oats are nutritious whole grains that should be included in your protein-rich diet for weight management. Breads made from oats in their batter will be rich in protein as whole oats contain good amounts of the macro-nutrient, as well as healthy complex carbs that keep you full for longer. While making this bread, make sure you only use whole wheat flour. Depending on the recipe, one can adjust the ratio of wheat to oats to make the finished product more protein-dense.

2. Quinoa Bread

Bread made from quinoa will be gluten-free, rich in protein and complex carbs, and will be healthier than most breads around. Quinoa is one of the very few plant-based foods that contains all the nine essential amino acids, and hence, is known as a superfood. You can make quinoa bread at home by finely grinding quinoa to a flour-like consistency.

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3. Rye Bread

Rye bread is quite popular among the health nuts of the world. Rye bread is considered healthier than most other breads due to its high-protein levels (9 grams per 100 gram portion, as per the USDA data) and good amounts of dietary fibre present in it. Rye breads can have varying proportions of flour to rye ratios, so make sure you take your pick wisely.

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4. Flax Bread

Protein-rich flaxseeds are added to a range of dishes to improve their nutrition, from drinks to desserts. Flaxseeds can also be added to baked goods like breads and muffins to make their more fibre and protein-rich.

High-protein baked goodies are in high demand nowadays, given the rise in popularity of low-carb, protein-rich diets. However, a lot of brands may try and get away with selling cheap products, which may be inadequate in terms of the required nutrients. Always make sure you read the nutrition labels on packaged breads before you buy them.


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