Ever Tried Mutta Aviyal? Kerala's Boiled Egg Delicacy That Is Fit For All Seasons

Mutta Aviyal Recipe: Guess what, if you do not have all the vegetables you typically add in aviyal, you can still make a fabulous aviyal- and while you are at it, add eggs to the mix and make the fare even more wholesome.

Sushmita Sengupta  |  Updated: January 08, 2021 10:23 IST

Ever Tried Mutta Aviyal? Kerala's Boiled Egg Delicacy That Is Fit For All Seasons

Aviyal is a popular dish served at almost every Sadya

  • Mutta aviyal is a treat for all egg lovers
  • Eggs are an incredible source of protein
  • Eggs can be cooked in multiple ways

Rich, unique and steeped in flavours, Kerala's food has captured the fancy of foodies across generations. The Malabari cuisine is one of world's oldest cuisines, and while many recipes have evolved with time, the focus on local produce remains constant. Avial is an iconic dish from Kerala that is essentially a sticky mixture of common, local vegetables, with coconut paste. This mild mix veg dish is often paired with rice, rasam and sambhar. Some of the usual suspects in this medley are drumsticks, carrots, pumpkin, ash gourd, pumpkin, beans, raw banana and suran. What makes this combination so intensely rich is tamarind paste, coconut and sometimes curd. Guess what, if you do not have all these vegetables, you can still make a fabulous aviyal- and while you are at it, add eggs to the mix and make the fare even more wholesome.

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Weight Loss Recipe: Mutta Avial Recipe

Mutta Aviyal (or egg avial) is actually a very uncomplicated recipe that is seasoned with seasoned with coconut, mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves. The tangy tamarind undercuts the mildness of coconut. This Mutta Aviyal recipe uses about four boiled eggs, you can add or decrease the quantity as per your need.


Eggs are dubbed to be an excellent source of protein, more importantly bio-available protein. In other words, it is one of the foods from which our bodies can yield and assimilate protein quite easily. Protein is often called the building block of life. It helps build muscle, and aid muscle recovery. It also aids weight-loss to a great extent. By eating more protein-rich food, you feel satiated for a long time. If you feel full, you do not feel the urge to over-eat, and thus prevent chances of weight gain.

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Eggs are loaded with protein and other essential nutrients
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Not just eggs, this avial recipe also has the goodness of urad dal, another excellent source of protein, a plant-based one this time. The recipe uses 3 tbsp oil, you may choose to cut back on the quantity of oil, or choose a good quality oil with low saturated fat.

How To Get The Correct Consistency And Texture

You should start with making the paste first. Parboil the potatoes with tamarind paste. In another pan, dry roast the coconut, garlic, cumin seeds, green chillies and turmeric powder. Grind the masala with water to get a paste like consistency. Now, in a greased pan, cook the masala paste, tamarind paste, red chilli powder and salt. Finally throw in the potatoes and cook for 10 minutes. Then drop the eggs, at the very fag-end, else you may break them in the whole rigorous mixing. Season with coconut and urad dal tempering.

Here is the step-by-step recipe of Mutta Avial with complete ingredients.

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Coconut gives this delicacy a mild flavour

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it.


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