How To Cook Healthy Vrat Wali Lauki Sabzi At Home (Recipe Inside)

The Vrat Wali Lauki ki Sabzi is a healthy and lighter alternative to deep fried potato and sago snacks during Navratras.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: March 25, 2020 17:04 IST

How To Cook Healthy Vrat Wali Lauki Sabzi At Home (Recipe Inside)

This lauki sabzi makes for a healthy dish during vrat season.

  • Vrat Wali Lauki Ki Sabzi is a great option for Navratras 2020
  • The recipe makes use of minimal ghee and also adds coconut
  • Try this interesting healthy vrat recipe and see for yourself

Chaitra Navratra is a nine-day festival where people observe fast in March and April, in a buildup to Ram Navami. In these nine days, it is advised to eat food that is less spicy and simply cooked at home. Whole wheat is avoided during the fasts, which opens up the avenues for other ingredients such as buckwheat or kuttu flour to be used in Indian cooking. Potatoes, sabudana or sago are also popularly consumed during Navratras in various recipes.

Sabudana Vada is one of the most popular recipes made during vrat; however, it is made with potatoes which are deep fried. This makes it a not-so-healthy snack that one must avoid having during the fasting period. The Vrat Wali Lauki ki Sabzi is a healthy and lighter alternative. It makes use of simple spices that are readily available in the kitchen, and also utilises the vrat-friendly Sendha Namak for cooking rather than regular salt.

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Cooked in desi ghee with some coconut in it too, the Vrat Wali Lauki ki Sabzi packs a punch nutritionally. Green chillies make the recipe a little bit spicy, but the smooth and sweet texture of the Lauki balances it out. The health benefits of the Vrat Wali Lauki ki Sabzi are manifold. It is extremely light on the stomach and easier to digest, and thus may help in aiding weight loss too. The high water content in laukihelps us feel full for longer and cools the body too.

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