How To Ripen Mangoes: Different Ways To Ripen The King Of Fruits

Shreya Bhardwaj  |  Updated: July 19, 2018 09:52 IST

How To Ripen Mangoes: Different Ways To Ripen The King Of Fruits
  • Summer refreshers like ice coolers, juicy fruits make summer worth it.
  • only thing I love about summer is mangoes
  • Let's see how to ripen this sumptuous fruit.

It's that time of the year again when the sun is out with full force with nature's own version of a frying toast. Summer in India hasn't spared anyone. Everyone once in summer surely wants to just dunk their heads in a bucket full of ice. Now, like really! Where is the ice bucket challenge, I could do a hundred of them! When the summer heat drains out our energy, summer refreshers are there to help us gain it back. Summer refreshers like ice coolers, juicy fruits make summer worth it. Personally, the only thing I love about summer is mangoes. Those heat dreaded days are all tolerable when served with a great mango beverage which cools down your soul. Mangoes taste so good that people forget that they are also healthy, this king of fruits is worth the title. Mangoes supply 25% of the needed value of vitamin-A to our body, which is good for our eyes. Boosts the immune system, clear skin by eliminating pimples when taken in limited quantity.

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the only thing I love about summer is mangoes


Mangoes come in shades of green, yellow or red. Some people eat unripen mangoes, which, of course, aren't as sweet as the ripen ones. So, let's see, how to ripen mangoes.

How To Ripen Mangoes?

Use A Paper Bag Or A Newspaper
Place the mangoes in a paper bag or wrap it with a newspaper and leave it undisturbed for the night in order for it to release some ethylene, which is an odourless gas that speeds up the ripening process. Remove the mangoes from the bag once they start giving off a fruity smell and softened.

paper bag

Place the mangoes in a paper bag or wrap it with a newspaper and leave it undisturbed

Alternatively, you can also add bananas and apples to the bag as they also emit ethylene, which fastens the ripening process even more.

Use A Bowl Of Uncooked Rice
Submerge the mangoes in a bowl of uncooked rice for a night for it to emit ethylene, which as we now know helps in ripening the mangoes faster. Check the mangoes after every 6 to 8 hours, your mangoes will ripen in a day or two.

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brown rice

Brown rice can interfere with absorption of certain minerals in the body
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You Need Time And Patience
One of the oldest Indian household methods of ripening mangoes. You need to just leave your mango on the kitchen shelf at the room temperature for several days. This is no doubt the most time-consuming method, but gives the best results.

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Mangoes are one of the best parts of summer season
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How To Determine Your Mango's Ripeness?

  • Smell your mangoes from the stem end, if it's heavy and smells fruity and basically has achieved the desired goal of the mango you want, then it is ripe.
  • Squeeze the mango a bit, if it's soft, then it's done but if it's not then it is still unripe.
  • Colour doesn't actually determine the difference between a good and a bad mango. Black spots on the mango can actually turn out to be better because usually if there are small black spots, then it means that the mango is sweet because these spots are quite soft on touching. But, if the mango is blacker than the usual, then you should just cut it open to make sure it's not a spoiled piece.

Store The Mangoes

Place the mangoes in the refrigerator after it is ripe. Keeping the mangoes in the refrigerator when it's ripe slows down the ripening process. You can keep a whole ripe mango in the refrigerator for 5 days.

Caution: Never keep an unripen mango in the refrigerator as refrigeration of mango slows down the ripening process tremendously.

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mango shake

Once your mangoes are ripe, there are many refreshing drinks and dishes you can make.

Once your mangoes are ripe, there are many refreshing drinks and dishes you can make. Mango beverages like mango smoothie, mango thandai, mint mango lassi and aam panna are one of the best summer refreshers, which satisfy your thirst for something cold and refreshing. For something fancier, an amazing mango margarita, which is perfect for a hot summer afternoon is always there to relieve your stress and make your day or party better.

Not only as refreshers, mango itself as a fruit is sumptuous to treat your mouth with. Well-cut mango slices are really all that you need after a hot troubled day.

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