Hrithik Roshan's Fitness Mantra: Here's How the 'Kaabil' Star Remains So Fit

Age is certainly not a barrier when it comes to this superstar!

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Hrithik Roshan's Fitness Mantra: Here's How the 'Kaabil' Star Remains So Fit

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Hrithik's 'Kaabil' released on 25th January this year

Take a Greek god, strip him of his superpowers, junk the immortality - and what do you have? A human? A Hrithik Roshan. A man who is curious about the unknown, an actor who has pushed the envelope every time and always come out a winner, a loving father and a fearless explorer. Hrithik Roshan is what you would call a complete package. Hear his name and all that comes to mind is his sculpted physique, blue-blooded stardom, high energy and effortless moves on the dance floor. We've all grown up contemplating, "If only I could dance like him"! But apart from his chiselled features and stunning looks, his acting talent is what makes him a superlative star. Who can forget Hrithik's mind-blowing performances in Lakshya, Jodha Akbar, Krrish, Dhoom 2, Guzarish, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and of course, his debut movie Kaho Na Pyar Hain. His latest, 'Kaabil' was recently released wherein the actor stars opposite Yami Gautam and plays the role of a visually challenged young man.

Age is certainly not a barrier when it comes to this superstar! Hrithik may have been blessed with Greek genes, but he has to, like us, work on his body to keep it in best shape. So, when he's not preparing for a role, he trains with Kris Genthin, a world-renowned fitness icon. In fact, when Hrithik was bedridden due to back injuries in 2012, before Krish II, he was smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day, had piled on a ton of weight and his waistline had expanded to 37 inches. He then decided to train seriously hard with Kris, and lost 10.5 kilos in 10 weeks instead of 12 (with a slip disc, that too). 

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Hrithik Roshan

A Sneak Peek of His Food and Fitness Regime

For Krish 2 Hrithik used train 4 days a week, twice a day. The focus was and has always been to increase strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility. His warm-up included a wide range of exercises such as lunges, single-legged squats with a stool. His regular fitness regime was a perfect mix of cardio and circuit training - 500 crunches in the morning followed by strength training in the evening. For biceps and triceps, he did 2-5 sets each of Concentrated Curls, Straight Arm Dumbbell Pullover, Cable Lying Triceps Extension, Straight Arm Pulldown with 8-15 reps. For shoulders, he did 2-5 sets each of Front Raise, Side Lateral Raise, Reverse Fly, Military Press with 8-15 reps. For chest and back, he did 2-5 sets each of Dumbbell Bench Press and Hand Cable Pull, Decline Dumbbell Fly and Bent over Barbell and Inclined Dumbbell Fly and Lying T-bar Row with 8-15 reps. For legs, he did 2-5 sets each of  Extensions Lying, Leg Curls, Leg Press and Weighted Squats with 8-15 reps. Due to his many injuries, the Bollywood superstar ensures he executes workouts with proper technique.

Hrithik wanted a lifestyle change, not just a superhero-esque physique for Krish II. So he also worked hard with Nutritionist Maraica Johnson to get his eating habits under control, because he feared he would end up going back to chocolates, muffins, cookies after the movie. He made sure to drastically cut down his oil intake and had no more than two teaspoons of oil the entire day. He waited for 45 minutes post a workout to eat, and drank 8-10 glasses of water per day. He chalked out a daily diet plan with his nutritionist wherein he had 4 egg whites, 2 brown breads, a protein shake, corn flakes with milk and a platter of fresh fruit for his breakfast. For lunch, he ate 2 rotis, green vegetables, chicken breast, dal, Caesar's salad, fish platter snack, protein shake, and 4 egg white sandwiches and fruit platter. For dinner he had 6 egg whites, brown bread, half chicken or fish with stir vegetables. To groom his body for the movie Bang Bang, Maraica Johansson recommended him to eat 6 small meals in a day, instead of 3 square meals.

And that's exactly what he's been up to. Pushing boundaries, taking risks and rediscovering himself. He recently ventured into the world of entrepreneurship with his brand of fitness apparel and accessories called HRX in 2013. Later this year, HRX will be launched in physical retail stores. 

5 Things You Didn't Know About Hrithik Roshan

1. His Dance

At the age of 21, Hrithik Roshan was diagnosed with scoliosis and the doctors told him that he would never be able to dance again. But Hrithik didn't lose hope and his determination proved them wrong. 

2. What's His Stress-buster?

He uses workouts as a weapon to eliminate stress from his life, and loves to wake up every morning feeling healthy.

3. He loves to eat ____

Hrithik has a weakness for brownies, peanut butter and nachos, and can eat two pizzas at a time all by himself. And like all mama's boys, he calls his mother, Pinky Roshan, the best cook in the world

4. How He Like to Celebrate

Hrithik usually celebrates his birthday quietly with family, but this year he planned to let his hair down and bring in his birthday in style. He partied at the rooftop of a watering hole in Worli with 200 people last night, and being the perfectionist that he is - he looked into every detail, from the menu to the decor.

5. He's a Foodie

That he's a foodie comes as a surprise. The fact that Hrithik Roshan can't resist chocolates, desserts et al and binges at least once a week, comes as a relief for us lesser mortals.

CommentsA very happy birthday to Hrithik Roshan! May he continue to dances his way into our hearts.

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