Hypertension Diet: 5 Natural Teas That May Help Lower Blood Pressure Level

Hypertension Diet: We are suggesting here some natural teas that have proven to have positive effects in managing high blood pressure.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: October 23, 2020 17:55 IST

Hypertension Diet: 5 Natural Teas That May Help Lower Blood Pressure Level

Natural teas can help manage high blood pressure.

  • Diet modification can help manage high blood pressure.
  • These natural teas are made with hypertension-friendly foods.
  • You may include these 5 teas in your hypertension diet.

Lifestyle-related diseases have become more rampant now as we mostly stay home and our physical movement has drastically dropped down. Hypertension or high blow pressure was always a cause of concern across the globe. With Coronavirus pandemic dawning on us, it needs our attention now more than ever. Hypertension refers to a condition when the force of blood against the artery walls is higher than normal. If unattended or uncontrolled, this situation can spiral into serious illnesses like a heart attack or stroke. Diet change is still considered an effective mode of treatment. We are suggesting here some natural teas that have proven to have positive effects in managing high blood pressure.

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Diet modification can help manage high blood pressure. 

Here Are 5 Effective Teas That You Can Have To Manage Blood Pressure Levels:

1. Garlic Tea

Garlic is a staple spice in cuisines all over the world. The compound 'allicin' found in garlic is known to keep blood pressure in control. 'Healing Foods' book by DK Publishing House, says, "Garlic is rich in sulphur, which stimulates nitric oxide production in vessels. This, in turn, improves the elasticity of vessels and helps manage blood pressure level. Here's how you can make garlic tea at home.


2. Lemongrass Tea

Citrusy, aromatic lemongrass tea is just the drink you need to refresh yourself. Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood shares, "Lemongrass provides us with loads of potassium that boosts the production of urine in our body, which further improves blood circulation and suppresses high blood pressure." Here's how to make lemongrass tea at home.

3. Moringa Tea

Moringa tea that is made with dehydrated and ground leaves of moringa (or drumstick) tree. Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja points out, "Moringa is a highly nutrient-rich plant. It is a powerhouse of vitamins, iron, calcium and essential amino acids." Moringa contains a compound called 'quercetin', which is known to reduce high blood pressure level. Also, its anti-oxidative quality is considered good for BP patients to curb inflammation. Click here for moringa tea recipe.

4. Tulsi Tea

The herb of tulsi has been renowned for its medicinal properties since ancient times. The volatile oils present in tulsi may help a great deal in managing blood pressure levels. A chemical called eugenol is found in tulsi and has the ability to relax tightened blood vessels. Here's how you can make tulsi tea at home.

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5. Flaxseed Tea

Flaxseeds are a rich source of potassium that helps fight the ill-effects of high sodium content in the body. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, hundred grams of flaxseeds provide as much as 813 mg of potassium. Flaxseeds are also rich in fibre, which protect the layer of cells lining the blood vessels. Click here for flaxseed tea recipe.

Liven up your evenings with these natural, healthy drinks and manage your blood pressure along the way.


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