Make You Kids Eat Lauki (Bottle Gourd) By Serving This Delicious Lauki Vadi Ki Sabzi 

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Make You Kids Eat Lauki (Bottle Gourd) By Serving This Delicious Lauki Vadi Ki Sabzi 

Recipe Video: Lauki Wadi Ki Sabzi

  • Bottle gourd is a healthy vegetable that should be eaten regularly
  • Not many like the bland taste of bottle gourd
  • Here is a recipe of bottle gourd curry that tastes delicious

Lauki ki sabzi or bottle gourd curry is a common dish prepared in almost all Indian households. Even though bottle gourd provides a number of health benefits and is advised to have regularly, not many like its taste, especially kids. Most mothers often face the dilemma of 'to serve or not to serve' lauki ki sabzi as chances are it will be left untouched. We know that lauki should be included in our regular diet as it not only boosts body's immunity, but also protects us from various illnesses. Ayurveda suggests consuming lauki more than once a week. After knowing this, we desperately want to feed our family with this healthful vegetable, but how?

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Here's an amazing recipe of a lauki dish, which is altered to suit the palate of kids or even adults who have an aversion towards plain bottle gourd. We are talking about lauki vadi ki sabzi. It is made of lauki, of course, and moong dal ki vadiyan - fried lentil balls. Moong dal is another healthful food that is loaded with proteins and fibres. Bottle gourd and moong dal, both are light foods and are easily digestible. The dish is also great for children who are overweight. But, the highlight of the dish is its taste, which we assure you, the kids would love.


Food vlogger, Manjula Jain teaches how to make Lauki Vadi Ki Sabzi through the following video posted on her YouTube channel, 'Manjula's Kitchen'.

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Lauki Vadi KI Sabzi Recipe - 

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