New Menu: Pra Pra Prank Blends New With Nostalgic In Delightful Dishes And Desserts

Pra Pra offers modern Asian and modern Indian cuisines with its fairly elaborate menu that gives you plenty of options to make your outing a satisfactory affair.

Sakshita Khosla  |  Updated: July 17, 2019 18:52 IST

New Menu: Pra Pra Prank Blends New With Nostalgic In Delightful Dishes And Desserts

New Menu: Spicy Mushroom Dumplings at Pra Pra Prank

There are quite a few foodie hubs in Delhi and the National Capital Region that have managed to become dependable weekend haunts for the city residents. DLF CyberHub is one such place that has something for everyone. With some of the biggest, most popular Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brands and fast food chains in the country, CyberHub is one of the busiest, most happening places in Gurugram. This makes the job of restaurateurs challenging to continuously re-imagine the food and services and there are some brands that never fail to deliver. Pra Pra Prank is one such brand. The café-cum-bar that is always popular with the young crowds in Gurugram has always put the focus firmly on the food and drinks on offer and it has now come up with a new menu to delight its patrons.

New Menu At Pra Pra Prank: Novelty Meets Nostalgia

Pra Pra offers modern Asian and modern Indian cuisines with its fairly elaborate menu that gives you plenty of options to make your outing a satisfactory affair. Corporate chef Harangad Singh told us that the new menu at the restaurant was created after giving due consideration to all customer feedbacks, which inspired him to go back to the basics. The new menu has delicious new soups, starters, salads, sushi, dumplings and a few stellar Indian dishes in the Mains that you must try. We started with the soothing Burnt Garlic Soup that has familiar flavours without the unnecessarily overpowering 'garlicky' taste. From the salads section, we sampled the refreshing Snow Peas Salad with goma dressing, which tasted like summer on a plate. It was light and the water chestnuts brought in a delightful crunch, with a nice nutty flavour from the Japanese goma dressing made from sesame seeds.


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9a9uotroSnow peas salad with goma dressing at Pra Pra Prank

The salad was followed by Prank Aloo Tikki Chaat, which re-imagined the desi aloo tikki chaat as the Spanish gazpacho (a type of cold soup). A single fresh, crispy aloo tikki lay in a pool of cold sweet and sour soup made from ingredients used in chutney. Moving on to the sushis, we had the Miso Marinated Crispy Salmon Roll with tobiko tartare which had crab, cucumber, avocado, with salmon cured in miso sauce. The salmon rolls were garnished with tobiko and roasted pistachios for a crunchy finish and are a must-try. Fish-tikka lovers must also order the Pranked Salmon Tikka- a melt-in-the-mouth starter consisting of a subtly flavoured salmon tikka on a bed of crab tartare, served with a sweet tomato garlic chutney. We also tried one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian dumpling- the Spicy Mushroom Dumplings and the Chicken Herbs Dumplings with Butter Garlic.

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mo2lso4gSushi at Pra Pra Prank

The chef demonstrated the right way of eating the dumplings- scooping the soup onto a soup spoon and then placing a dumpling in it. The dumpling was then punctured to let the juices mix and then it's popped in the mouth for a complete and authentic experience. Both the types of dumplings had a comforting and familiar Asian flavours. Moving on to the Main course, we had the Meat Martaban with Mirchi Parathas, which were delicious enough, but it was the Minced Chicken with Chilli Garlic Basil and Jasmine Rice that made quite an impression on us. The combo was a great option for those looking to fill up on a bowlful of an Asian rice-and-gravy dish. All in all, the new menu is created with a focus on familiar and comforting tastes and flavours for a perfectly gratifying meal.

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Desserts: A Sweet Homely Affair

The desserts created by Chef Singh were all about celebrating the feeling of home. He served the popular Punjabi winter sweet dish Gajrela (a type of carrot halwa) with a toasted cooker carrot and cinnamon cake, along with crushed peanut brittle and vanilla ice-cream. We couldn't get enough of this humble, yet incredibly satisfying dessert. Another stellar dessert was the Malai Kebab, made from rasmalai, topped with the light and airy nimish (a type of foamy dessert made from milk) and soan papdi fibres. A beautiful interplay of textures without any overpowering sweetness is what made this dessert an ultimate hit. This dessert is sure to keep you coming back to Pra Pra for more.

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bu6l84eoMalai kebab at Pra Pra Prank
kn3c0lkoToasted Carrot Cake with gajrela at Pra Pra Prank

Where: Shop 24, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, Sector 24, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

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Timings: 12 noon - 12 midnight

Cost For Two: INR 2,100 (exclusive of taxes and alcohol)


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