Quick Winter Snacks: Here Are Some Paneer Snacks You Can Make In No Time

Paneer snack is what you should aim for when you need something ready to be served, pronto.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: January 16, 2020 18:08 IST

Quick Winter Snacks: Here Are Some Paneer Snacks You Can Make In No Time

Paneer snacks are easy to make and make for a delicious serving for guests.

  • Paneer or cottage cheese is always available at home.
  • It takes no time to cook so can be quickly turned into snacks.
  • Here are some quick and easy snacks you can make with paneer.

Guests coming over without prior intimation and you want some more time to enjoy the warmth of your quilt? You can make some snacks with paneer in minutes! Paneer, or cottage cheese, is always stacked in our refrigerator. This protein-rich food can be eaten raw so you really don't need much time to prepare the dishes you have in mind. Samosa, kachori, kebabs and other such snacks need quite a lot of time to prepare. So, paneer snack is what you should aim for when you need something ready to be served, pronto. Here, we help you whip up quick paneer recipes that are delicious and don't make you look like a bad host.

Quick And Easy Paneer Snacks:

1. Paneer Pakoda

Winters are made more fun with delicacies like pakoda. Hot, deep-fried fritters can let you brave those winter chills like a pro. Make paneer pakoda enclosed in besan batter and serve them with chutney and hot cup of tea.

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Paneer pakoda is an excellent option to serve with a hot cup of tea. 


2. Grilled Paneer

Prepare a mixture of garlic, ginger and spices of your choice. Place sliced paneer pieces on the mixture and cook them by pressing hard with a teethed ladle. Better still, you can just grill them if you have a griller or oven at home.

3. Paneer Toast

Just place slices of paneer inside buttered bread slices. Add some onions, chaat masala and other spices and toast or grill the sandwich. Cut one sandwich in four square pieces and serve them as snacks.

4. Paneer Bites

Cut paneer into small cubes and sprinkle chaat masala on them. Place an olive on each of the cube and bind it with a tooth pick. Tiny paneer cubes are ready to be served.

5. Crumbled Paneer Crostini

Scrunch paneer like you do to make paneer bhurji ki sabzi. Add onions, tomatoes and spices and mayonnaise. Place it on market-bought bruschetta bread or pita bread and serve.

6. Roasted Paneer

Boil paneer cubes for a couple of minutes. In a bowl, make a mixture of spices of your choice and dunk the paneer in it. Next, heat some butter in a pan and roast the paneer cubes smeared with the spice mixture for about five minutes till each side turns golden brown. Serve these crispy paneer snacks with chutney.

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Roasted paneer can be made in no time. 

Don't work yourself in this chilly weather and enjoy the company of your guests by spending minimum time in the kitchen. Make this quick snacks with delicious paneer. 


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