Summer Diet: Try These 4 Interesting Protein-Rich Lunch Ideas For Kids

Break the monotony and surprise your kids with these different combinations of healthy and protein-rich delights.

Adya Rai  |  Updated: June 21, 2019 12:56 IST

Summer Diet: Try These 4 Interesting Protein-Rich Lunch Ideas For Kids

Pack in protein-rich and nutritious foods for your kids in their lunchboxes.

  • Protein is an essential macro-nutrient required by the body
  • Protein helps inducing the feeling of fullness
  • You can pack in protein-rich nut butter sandwiches, eggs and beans pasta

Back-to-back classes with endless syllabus can turn out to be quite exhausting for school-going kids. In order to brave the entire day in school without experiencing low energy levels, it is important to load up on foods that induce energy. Most school-going kids get influenced and also happen to influence other kids very easily. Packing a protein-rich lunch for them will not only set an example for all their classmates but will also leave your kid feeling energised during back-to-back classes. It's quite common for kids to feel lazy and sleepy after their lunch breaks and getting through the last few periods can become quite challenging for them. To ward off this problem, you can pack in protein-rich and nutritious foods for them in their lunchboxes.

Protein helps inducing the feeling of fullness.

Here are a few protein-rich lunch ideas for kids:

1) Replace Spreads With Nut Butters

If your child is used to gorging on sandwiches for lunch, you can replace the unhealthy processed spreads with nut butters. Almond butter, walnut butter and peanut butter are some of the options that you may consider. As per USDA, two tablespoons of almond butter contain 7 grams of protein.


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c41nm3d8Nut butters have a thick texture that makes them quite fullfilling

2)  Add Beans And Chickpeas To Pasta

Once a week, when your child takes pasta for lunch, try adding beans and chickpeas to the pasta. It will not only add protein to the dish but will also make it crunchy and flavourful. Start by adding a very little quantity and eventually increase the quantity as they start developing a taste for it.

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tlv0unhkBeans and chickpeas have a high protein content.

3) Egg Salad/Omelette

Try to include eggs in their lunch in some form or the other. Eggs are not only high in protein but are also quite versatile and can be cooked in various ways. You can pack omelettes and egg rolls in their lunch. Egg salad is a good option too as it requires no oil and is easy-to-make as well. You can boil the eggs and pair them with other protein-rich veggies. Don't hesitate in adding certain herbs and spices that will add more flavour to the dish.

d7ng18qgEggs are protein-filled and nutritious.

4)  Veggie Burger

While preparing burger, stuff those buns with protein-rich veggies to increase the nutritional quotient. You can also add those veggies in a sandwich. Basically, instead of using an aloo patty, try to replace it with veggies like peas and asparagus.

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Burger filled with veggies is a deadly combination for a protein-rich diet

Now, that we have shared with you all these lunch ideas, try to break the monotony and surprise your kids with different combinations of healthy and protein-rich delights.

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