Sweet Cheesus! 5 Creative Ways Of Combining Chocolate With Cheese In Dishes

Sakshita Khosla  |  Updated: March 25, 2019 17:32 IST

Sweet Cheesus! 5 Creative Ways Of Combining Chocolate With Cheese In Dishes
  • Cheese and chocolate is a match made in culinary heaven
  • Columbians have been putting cheese in their hot chocolate all this while
  • Add cheese to your chocolate fudge to blunt the sweetness

If there exists a culinary heaven, then cheese and chocolate is one pair that was probably made there. The food Gods have blessed us mortals with the good sense to make chocolate from the cacao beans and ferment dairy to get the divine taste of cheese. Chocolate and cheese are both addictive in their own right and are capable of giving your palate a delicious high, but put the two together and the magic doubles. This is why pastry chefs and food lovers take great interest in experimenting with these two delightfully indulgent foods and have come up with a number of different ways to pair the two together, to make some amazing dishes.

There are a number of different types of chocolates and cheeses and experts can better tell you which variant of chocolate goes best with which type of cheese. For example, blue cheese is said to go best with dark chocolate, while milk chocolates go best with goat cheese. But when it comes to using the combination in cooking, you can hardly ever go wrong. A lot of people commonly stock chocolate spread, cheese spread, as well as processed chocolate bars and cheese cubes. Depending on what you have in your kitchen, you can cook up a storm by just combining chocolate and cheese together in a variety of different ways.

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Here Are Some Ways To Use The Chocolate And Cheese Combination To Create Delicious Dishes:

1. Chocolate And Cheese Sandwiches

Whether you like it grilled or toasted, stuffing your sandwich with the cheese and chocolate combination is the perfect way to combine your snack with dessert. All you need to do is place your favourite slices of cheese like you do in any grilled cheese sandwich and then top it with a generous helping of chocolate spread. You can also grate a chocolate bar on top of the cheese, but that might be a little messy. If you don't have chocolate spread, melt some chocolate pieces in a double boiler and then use it in the sandwich. Toast the bread on both sides and serve hot!

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2. Cheese Chocolate Fudges

Want to make your chocolate fudge richer? Throw in some cheese! Melt the cheese in a non-stick pan with butter and mix it with cocoa, sugar, milk and other ingredients. You can use cheddar or cream cheese for making this fudge. The cheese will keep the fudge from being too sweet and will also give it a nice, creamy texture.

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3. Hot Chocolate With Cheese

Believe it or not, Columbians have been putting cheese in their hot chocolates all this while! The drink is made by combining bitter chocolate bars with milk and sugar and then pouring the piping hot beverage over cheese cubes in a mug. The cheese immediately melts, giving the drink a salty twist that is said to taste heavenly. Looks like Columbians heartily agree with the camaraderie between cheese and chocolate!

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Columbian hot chocolate combines bitter chocolate and cheese

4. Chocolate Cheesecakes

There's nothing quite as enticing as a slice of smooth, dense, rich cheesecake, topped with a layer of chocolate. Chocolate cheesecakes are definitely the most popular among all cheesecake variants. The chocolate layer can be topped with nuts, cookie crumbs, and smores (toasted marshmallows) etc. Chocolate cheesecakes are intensely satisfying and when served at a party, guarantee to make you popular among your guests.

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5. Chocolate Cheese Balls

Cheese balls don't necessarily need to be savoury and fried - you can make them sweet by combining some cream cheese with chocolate chips and rolling the combination into tiny spheres of joy. Alternatively, you can beat the cream cheese with butter, sugar and some essence, roll them into balls, chill them until firm, and then coat them with melted chocolate. Allow these balls to sit it refrigerator until the chocolate is set and then serve chilled!

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These chocolate and cheese balls will make you forget all about the savoury cheese balls

Like we said, you can hardly ever go wrong with the chocolate and cheese combination. Do you know any more creative ways of combining chocolate and cheese in dishes? Let us know in the comments below!


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