This Will Give You The Creeps: 12 Most Weird Foods People Actually Eat

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: August 09, 2017 15:10 IST

This Will Give You The Creeps: 12 Most Weird Foods People Actually Eat
  • Fried tarantula spider is a regional delicacy in Cambodia
  • Smalahove is a Western Norwegian dish made from a sheep's head
  • Sannakji is a raw Korean dish that consists of a live octopus
Some people are fearless when it comes to what they'll put into their mouth, but then again, food is all about being adventurous, right? How far would you go to explore? Here's a list of the most intriguing eats from every corner of the globe. Some of them might make you wriggle in your seat - you've been warned. 

1. Fancy a Fried Spider? We'll Pass!

Tarantula belongs to the family of spiders. Fried tarantula is a regional delicacy in Cambodia. It is believed that the scarcity of food in the villages of Cambodia led to consumption of spiders.
fried spiders

Fried spiders are popularly eaten in Cambodia. Photo Credit:

2. Blood Soup

Chicken, duck or pig blood is popularly consumed in places like Shanghai, Poland, Philippines, Korea, Singapore etc. The famous Korean blood soup is made with ox blood and is often used as a hangover cure. Now, that's what we call a bloody good meal!
blood soup

Ox blood soup is a Korean delicacy. Photo Credit: Pinterest

3. Duck Embryo
Balut is a duck embryo which is still developing. It is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. It is a popular street food in the Philippines.


4. Century Eggs

The hint lies in the name. This Chinese delicacy is made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks and sometimes even months - not for centuries as the name implies. The mixture turns the egg yolk into a dark green colour substance and imparts a strong smell. According to folklore, it derives its name from the fact that it has existed for centuries and was perhaps discovered during the Ming Dynasty in China. 

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5. Fruit Bat Soup

No, this is not a Halloween joke. Considered as one of the most eerie mammals, bats are popularly consumed in various Asian and Pacific Rim countries. The fruit bat soup is commonly eaten in Palau. Fruit bats are considered to be a delicacy and are known to have a flavour similar to that of chicken.

6. Ox Tongue

Ox tongue is very high in fat and is eaten across the world. Interestingly, roast tongue is also a Goan delicacy.

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7. Live Octopus

Sannakji is a raw Korean dish that consists of a live octopus, cut into small pieces and served immediately. The bite-size pieces are usually still writhing on the plate while the person consumes them.

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8. Scorpion Lollipops

These treats are definitely not for the faint-hearted. With a variety of flavours to choose from, whole scorpions are skillfully encased in these candies. Dangerously sweet! These are believed to have been invented by Larry Peterman, founder of Hotlix Candy, back in the 1990s and today they offer a variety of insect-filled treats. Interestingly, the scorpions are baked before being set in translucent, flavoured syrup. 

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9. Sheep's Head

Smalahove is a Western Norwegian dish made from a sheep's head. It is traditionally eaten before Christmas. The entire head is boiled or steamed for a couple of hours and then served with a few sides.

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10. Snake Wine

An alcoholic beverage produced by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol. It can be found in China, Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia.

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11. Tuna Eye Balls

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Eaten in China and Japan are the eye balls of the tuna fish. To enjoy its delicate flavour, they are simply boiled and seasoned.

12. Crocodile Paws

CommentsA favourite in Hong Kong, Singapore and China, this dish looks huge on that plate with the crocodile paw, claws and skin all together. It tastes somewhat like chicken leaving a soft and gelatinous feel on your palate.

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How many of these would you dare to try?

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