This High-Carb Food Is Jacqueline Fernandez's Favourite: Why You Should Eat It Too!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: November 16, 2018 15:44 IST

This High-Carb Food Is Jacqueline Fernandez's Favourite: Why You Should Eat It Too!
  • Jacqueline Fernandez posted a picture of sabudana
  • Sabudana is high in carbs as well as other nutrients
  • However, it's starchy so must be cosnumed in limited portions

Not all carbohydrates are bad- this may just be the pet phrase of any health expert or nutritionist. You may have heard the harmful effects of removing entire food groups from your diet, like some people do. Low-carb diets for weight loss are all the rage right now, with many variations of them cropping up as fads every now and then. However, not all carbohydrates are bad for your health and doing away from them completely may in fact hinder weight loss. Moreover, staying away from carbohydrates completely is bound to make you quit a diet earlier as it is not sustainable. Our body is naturally used to burning carbohydrates for energy and while carbohydrates in junk foods are bad for health, there are some healthy carbs as well that you must consume for good health. Sabudana or sago is one such healthy carb, which is typically consumed during Navratri fasts.

However, sabudana or tapioca pearls can be consumed even when one is not fasting, as a healthy alternative to refined flour. Jacqueline Fernandez certainly likes sabudana and we know that because the Bollywood beauty posted a picture of a sabudana dish on her Instagram stories. The picture showed a dish that resembled sabudana kichdi, with peanuts in it and Jacqueline wrote on the picture, "My fav!"

Have a look:

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The tiny translucent sabudana globules are a favourite dish of many people around the country. It is also consumed as a breakfast dish in Maharashtra and some other parts of the country. Usually, some vegetables and peanuts are added to sabudana khichdi to make it more wholesome and filling. Sabudana has a number of health benefits, including boosting energy. Made from the tapioca root, sabudana is also great for digestion and it keeps digestive troubles at bay. It is nutritious, easy-to-digest and has the right amount of carbs, minerals and vitamins, as well as calcium, potassium and iron to keep you healthy and hearty. Moreover, it contains negligible fats. Although it's a starchy food and one must be mindful of how much sabudana they eat- you can't eat it every day.


However, you can consume cooked sabudana once in a while as a gluten-free snack, in place of a sandwich or a high-calorie meal. No wonder sabudana or sago has found favour with the lovely and super-fit Jacqueline Fernandez.


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