Try This Summer Drink To Cool Down And Enjoy Its Various Health Benefits

Adya Rai  |  Updated: June 11, 2019 15:42 IST

Try This Summer Drink To Cool Down And Enjoy Its Various Health Benefits

Summer Drinks 2019: Blossom Sphere

  • Summer coolers help you cool down during the hot weather
  • Blossom Sphere is a summer cooler which has healthful benefits too.
  • Main ingredients include cucumber,masala tea,lime juice and ginger ale

Summer is a bittersweet experience as everyone struggles with the scorching  weather but relishes every sip of the summer coolers that come with this weather. We all go out, sweat bullets and brave the hot loo that tends to bring our spirits down. Back in school, we used to come back home to refreshingly cool nimbu sodas that our mom would make for us. If we are out and about, we especially buy banta and nimbu paani to beat the hot weather. Summer coolers have become such a great companion for all of us who are struggling with the hot weather.There are a lot of varieties of cool drinks available with different ingredients to create a myriad of summer coolers.

The experimentation with all kinds of ingredients has not only led to development of new kinds of drinks but also healthier alternatives to  calorie-packed, sugary drinks. Ditch the colas and hop on to the bus of healthy summer coolers which not only promise you a break from the weather but also offer several health benefits.

Blossom sphere is one of the many drinks, whose ingredients are relatively healthier than the regular sugary drinks. We all want to swallow down a drink that not only makes us feel better but also assures us with some healthful benefits. The ingredients of this drink are quite enticing and come together like magic to make a drink like no other. Cucumber chunks, lime juice, masala tea syrup and ginger ale are the primary ingredients.


Beat the summer heat with Blossom Sphere!

Here are some benefits of this perfect summer drink –

1.    Cucumber

If you are looking to maintain your weight or to lose some kilos, then hogging on cucumbers is the best way to not only nourish yourself but to also chew on a vegetable that only has 16 kcal per 100 grams. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Remaining hydrated is necessary during summers as we lose a lot of water from our bodies through endless sweating.

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6s3rg2jgFresh cucumbers will be a great ingredient for your summer drink!

2.    Ginger ale

The most sought-after cure for our stomach aches has always been the ginger ale. But, apart from curing an ache in the stomach it also has other benefits. It is known to improve digestion. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic properties, which help in relieving excess flatulence. It is also known to aid weight loss by boosting metabolism.

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Ginger ale is known to cure stomach ache

3.    Lime juice

Lime juice not only aids weight loss but also improves the quality of your skin. Vitamin C and antioxidants are in abundance in lime, which are also found in beauty products.

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lime waterLime juice plays an important role in a ton of summer drinks

This drink has a lot more to offer than just a unique taste. One must try it once to realise its goodness and cooling effect

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