Watch: Try This High-Fibre Winter Smoothie Recipe To Control Untimely Hunger Pangs

Smoothies are a delicious way to load up on fruits and veggies that we might otherwise not like. Here is a quick and easy, high-fibre winter smoothie recipe that you can prepare at home this season.

Edited by Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: November 01, 2019 15:33 IST

Watch: Try This High-Fibre Winter Smoothie Recipe To Control Untimely Hunger Pangs

This winter special smoothie recipe is the perfect go-to drink during the morning rush

  • Smoothies are an excellent way to load up on essential nutrients
  • It is a blend of fruits, nuts, cereals and veggies
  • Here is a winter smoothie that you must try this season

Thick, satiating, slushy and oh-so delicious, smoothies have become a great way to blend all your favourite fruits, nuts, seeds and even vegetables together for a healthy meal. They are not only delicious and wholesome but are also highly nutritious; no wonder smoothies are so popular in the world of health and nutrition. Not just only adults but smoothies are enjoyed by kids too. And the best part is that smoothies are the easiest way to sneak in healthy ingredients in your kids' diet. The sweet and tropical flavour will make them chug a glass in no time.

While you might think of smoothies as a popular pick in summers, winters are an equally great time to load on a wholesome glass of smoothie. It can be a great breakfast accompaniment or an evening indulgence. During winters, we are often advised to load up on nuts to keep ourselves warm and full. Moreover, winters are that time of the year when we frequently have untimely hunger pangs; this is when a high-fibre smoothie comes handy! What if you could combine the goodness of nuts, cereals and fruits together for a luscious winter smoothie?!

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We are here with a quick easy and high-fibre winter smoothie recipe that you must try this season. This smoothie recipe has the crunch of nuts and oats mixed with delicious dark chocolate, honey and warm milk along with the goodness of mixed berries and banana. Oats and banana are packed with fibre, and thus, make for a satiating smoothie when those hunger pangs strike. This can also be a great way to start your day, as this winter smoothie is a wholesome meal for breakfast and will keep you full for long. You can prepare this quick winter smoothie in no more than 10 minutes!

Watch: High-Fibre Winter Smoothie Recipe Video


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