Weight Loss: 3 Delicious Low-Fat Chicken Recipes To Add To Your Diet

Chicken is a great low-cost source of dietary protein that you can add to your diet, but make sure you cook it in ways that are healthy.

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Weight Loss: 3 Delicious Low-Fat Chicken Recipes To Add To Your Diet

Weight loss: Chicken can aide weight loss if cooked in healthier ways

  • Chicken is one of the best sources of lean proteins for non-veg eaters
  • Chicken is the most popular poultry bird around the world
  • Chicken is rich in protein which is important for weight loss

Poultry meat is widely consumed for its rich protein content. Not only is meat from poultry easily available and cheaper as compared with red meats, it is also easier to cook and tastes delicious. Chicken is the most common poultry around the world due to the relative ease and low cost of rearing the birds, as compared to red meat animals. In India as well, chicken has been well adapted in the many regional cuisines of the country. From biryanis to kebabs to curries, chicken is widely used in numerous desi dishes and that is just a proof of the fact that we love to gorge on this delicious protein-rich food. For people who are looking to achieve weight loss and increase muscle mass, protein is particularly beneficial.

Chicken Nutrition Facts

The amount of protein in your chicken dish is dependent on the part of the animal that has been used to prepare the dish. A 100 gram portion of chicken breast for example, contains 31 grams of protein, as compared with 24 grams of protein in the same portion of chicken thighs (according to data by the United States Department of Agriculture). It contains no carbs and negligible amounts of saturated fat, which makes it a great low-fat food option. If you are looking to lose weight, then protein is the most important macro nutrient that you should focus on.

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Chicken is a great low-cost source of dietary protein that you can add to your diet, but make sure you cook it in ways that are healthy and low in grease and added fats.

Weight Loss: Here are 3 low-fat chicken recipes that you can add to your diet-

1. Low Fat Pepper Chicken Recipe

This easy and straightforward recipe uses just two teaspoons of cooking oil. The chicken has an added weight loss-friendly ingredient - black pepper. The spice is said to increase metabolism and help in weight loss. This low-fat dish is a quick and easy tool to meet your daily protein requirement.

1vione9oLow fat pepper chicken (representative image)

2. Roasted Chicken Masala Recipe

If you are a fan of more 'masaledar' dishes, then this one is for you. Full of flavourful and antioxidant-rich spices, this roasted chicken recipe is a delight for the desi palate. The recipe contains half a cup of curd and just a tablespoon of mustard oil that are both used to prepare the marinade. The spices are dry roasted and then ground to make the aromatic and delicious masala.

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3. Lemon And Orange Juice Chicken Recipe

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This low-fat chicken recipe contains a punch of vitamin C from the juices of lemon, orange and litchi. With just two tablespoons of oil and some common easily available spices, this recipe is a unique way of cooking chicken without adding unnecessary calories and fats.

You may use healthier oils for sauteing the spices and onions. Instead of the regular cooking oils that are rich in hydrogenated fats, you may use unrefined seed oils or plant-based oils that are healthier sources of fats.


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