Winter Diet: 4 Sumptuous Spinach Soup Recipes For A Wholesome Meal

Winter Diet: Spinach is widely used as an ingredient in creamy soups that can be enjoyed as meals during winters.

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Winter Diet: 4 Sumptuous Spinach Soup Recipes For A Wholesome Meal

Healthy Winter Diet:

  • Spinach is one of the most popular winter greens
  • Spinach is fortified with beta-carotene and vitamin K
  • Spinach soups are sumptuous and nutritious

It's the season of leafy greens and our grocery stores are teeming of various different types of nutritious vegetables. Some of the most common ones abundantly used in Indian kitchens are palak, methi, bathua, mustard greens, radish leaves etc. Be it curries, stuffed parathas or dry mixed vegetables, there are numerous dishes that are made from winter greens. Greens can also be added to salads to lend some seasonal nutrition to your diet. They can also be made into soothing soups that are just perfect for winters. Spinach is widely used as an ingredient in creamy soups that can be enjoyed as meals during winters. We give you some delicious spinach soup recipes that can help you brave the cold outside. But let's look at the rich nutritional profile of this quintessential winter green.

Spinach Nutrition: Facts and Benefits

Spinach is very low in calories. In fact, it is one of the most nutritious negative calorie foods out there. A 100 gram portion of the vegetable provides just 23 calories (as per data by the United States Department of Agriculture). It is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, most notably beta-carotene (a precursor to Vitamin A), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9 (folate) and Vitamin K, as well as iron, magnesium and manganese. The leafy green is known to help maintain eye health and improve the health of bones. Spinach is also said to regulate blood pressure and fight inflammation in the body.


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ge7lbvvgHealthy Winter Diet: Spinach is low in calories and rich in minerals and vitamins

Winter Diet: Spinach Soup recipes

1. Spinach Cauliflower Soup Recipe

Two nutritious low-calorie vegetables come together to make this amazingly nutritious recipe. Spinach and cauliflower florets are simmered in a stock with onions, until the vegetables are soft. The veggies are blended together and mixed with seasonings and skimmed milk.

2. Spinach Soup With Spicy Chickpeas Recipe

This unique combination of spinach and chickpeas is filling and sumptuous. Onions are cooked along with chickpeas and then further cooked again in water that chickpeas were soaked in. Once this is done, all the ingredients are allowed to cool down, blended together and then garnished with cream and black sesame seeds.

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3. Chicken Spinach Soup Recipe

Add some protein power to your spinach soup meal with this simple recipe. Minced chicken is mixed with green onions, ginger, garlic, shredded carrots, an egg for binding and some seasoning, to make balls that are first chilled in the fridge and then boiled with the soup stock until they are cooked. You can then add vegetables of your choice, along with spinach leaves and cook everything together for a satiating meal.

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4. Spiced Spinach Soup With Paneer Croutons Recipe

Bread croutons are passe. Paneer or cottage cheese is used as a healthier substitute in this recipe. The recipe uses three important winter greens- spinach, dill and fenugreek leaves to prepare this wholesome soup that is nutritious and delicious.

You can add proteins and vegetables of your choice to green soups to make the meal more substantial and filling. Which of the above recipes is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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