Ever Put An Ice Cube In Hot Coffee? Viral Video Too Satisfying To Miss

A unique video recently surfaced on Reddit which showed an ice cube melting inside a cup of hot coffee, and the results were oddly satisfying indeed.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: September 18, 2020 16:30 IST

Ever Put An Ice Cube In Hot Coffee? Viral Video Too Satisfying To Miss

This video of an ice cube melting inside a hot cup of coffee is winning the internet.

  • There are a number of satisfying videos on the internet
  • Reddit user posted a video of an ice cube in a cup of hot coffee
  • Take a look at the mesmerising video here

The internet is the ultimate source of interesting content which can be endlessly binged on. Whether it's home videos featuring pets or babies, or simply food being cooked - we just can't get enough of scrolling through social media feeds for this very reason. 'Oddly satisfying' videos are found plentiful on various platforms; this is why even Reddit has a thread dedicated to them, r/oddlysatisfying, which has 5 million members and counting. One such unique video recently surfaced on Reddit in the same thread which showed an ice cube inside a cup of hot coffee. Take a look:

This ice cube in my coffee was pleasing to me. Maybe it will be pleasing to all of you as well. from r/oddlysatisfying

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The video was shared on Reddit by user u/OsamaBenHolland. It received nearly 48k upvotes on the website and several excited comments from users. The video featured a single ice cube inside a cup of hot coffee. It slowly swirled around in the cup, gradually melting and dissolving into the coffee. But the way it whirled around and the patterns it created indeed made for a satisfying video. The short 7-second clip left users mesmerised and asking for more.


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Several Reddit users poured in their reactions to the clip on how scintillating the whole video was. "Lying in bed watching this on repeat is literally putting me to sleep, (sic)" wrote a user reacting to the video. "Anyone else really wants to see it melt completely? Video ended too soon for me, (sic)" laughed another user. One user said that it was satisfying to watch, but unsatisfying to put a cold ice cube in hot coffee in the first place. Others responded saying that it was actually a way to quickly cool down the coffee and bring it down to a drinkable temperature, especially on busy days when you couldn't wait for it to cool naturally.

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