Google Year In Search 2020: Top Foods Searched Include Dalgona Coffee, Paneer And More

Year Ender 2020: Google 'Year In Search' captured search trends across the world and in India, and the food ones were quite interesting.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: December 10, 2020 15:48 IST

Google Year In Search 2020: Top Foods Searched Include Dalgona Coffee, Paneer And More

Google Year In Search 2020: Here are the food trends that emerged this year.

  • Google has released its annual 'Year In Search' for 2020
  • The food trends globally include Dalgona coffee and Pizza
  • In India, people searched for paneer recipes and immunity

The year 2020 has seen ups and downs unlike any other. The world came to terms with the Coronavirus pandemic and the global lockdown, among other political and economic crises. People had to adjust to the 'new normal' of staying at home to prevent the spread of the disease. The worldwide situation also reflected clearly in searches and the specific terms that users were typing on search engines. Google captured the search trends across the world and in India, releasing its much anticipated 'Year In Search 2020'. Among the expected search terms trending globally were 'Coronavirus' and 'US Elections', the list also revealed some interesting food trends of the year 2020.

Top Recipes Trending Globally On Google In 2020

There were a number of recipes trending globally on Google that captured the essence of what the world was cooking while in lockdown. The top recipe searched on Google in 2020 was none other than Dalgona Coffee, followed closely by Ekmek, which is a custard-bread pudding from Greece. Sourdough Bread and Pizza featured at the third and fourth positions on the list. Lahmacun, which is a Turkish variety of pizza, featured at number five in the globally trending recipes list. A number of other breads also appeared in the top 10 recipes trending globally on Google - such as Beer bread, Banana bread, Pita bread, Brioche bread and even the humble Indian naan.


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Google Year In Search 2020: Dalgona coffee emerged as the top searched recipe globally in 2020. 

Here Are The Top 10 Recipes Trending Globally on Google in 2020:

1) Dalgona coffee

2) Ekmek

3) Sourdough bread

4) Pizza

5) Lahmacun

6) Beer bread

7) Banana bread

8) Pita bread

9) Brioche

10) Naan

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Google Year In Search 2020: Banana bread came 7th on the global recipe trends list. 

Food Trends 2020 In India As Per Google Trends

Apart from these global trends, the India-specific trends were also quite insightful. Interestingly, Indians searched for 'Indian Premier League (IPL)' even more than the top global news trend 'Coronavirus'. Citizens of the country also enquired about food shelters near them, which was the top 'Near Me' query in India of 2020.

Coming to food trends, homemade food reigned supreme in 2020, and Google search trends clearly testify to the same. Google revealed a list of 'How to...' searches in India from which many food trends of the country emerged. The top query from India was "How to make paneer", closely followed by "How to increase immunity" and "How to make dalgona coffee". The internet also wanted to know how to make jalebi and cake at home - two searches featuring on position number nine and ten respectively on the list.

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Google Year In Search 2020: Immunity was at the core of people's concerns in 2020. 

Here Are The Top 10 "How to..." Searches in India on Google in 2020:

1) How to make paneer

2) How to increase immunity

3) How to make dalgona coffee

4) How to link PAN card with aadhaar card

5) How to make sanitizer at home

6) How to recharge fastag

7) How to prevent coronavirus

8) How to apply e-pass

9) How to make jalebi

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10) How to make cake at home

In case you still want to hop onto the bandwagon of making the top recipes of 2020, we have just what you need. Click here for some delicious paneer recipes to make at home. You can also find a quick and easy Dalgona coffee recipe here. Bon Appetit!


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