Leftover Sabzi In The Fridge? Desi Twitter Suggests Smart Ways To Use It

Twitter users discussed how they use their leftovers from the previous day, and the recipe suggestions actually seem quite useful.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: February 19, 2021 13:05 IST

Leftover Sabzi In The Fridge? Desi Twitter Suggests Smart Ways To Use It

Desi Twitter discussed some easy recipes to revamp leftovers.

  • Leftovers should ideally not be wasted and incorporated into other dishes
  • A Twitter user shared a hilarious post about how he uses leftover sabzi
  • Others also shared their suggestions and recipe ideas in the thread

Sustainable kitchen is a concept slowly gaining popularity in the post-Covid era. Eco-friendly kitchens involve several techniques to make it a self-sustaining, environment-conscious unit; for instance, people are choosing to grow their own produce in kitchen gardens to reduce their carbon footprint. Another major factor to consider while making the kitchen sustainable is limiting the amount of food waste generated. This means using and reusing leftovers from the kitchen to create new and innovative recipes. A recent Twitter thread discussed this very practice of using the previous day's leftover sabzi or curry to make a completely new dish. It all started with a tweet by user @dillisingh:

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"As Punjabis, we have evolved to open the fridge, find an obscure bowl of leftovers and ask ourselves two questions. Kya iske parathe ban sakte hain? Kya iske sandwich ban sakte hain," wrote the user in his hilarious tweet. The tweet went viral, receiving over 3.7k likes and hundreds of comments and retweets. Several users agreed with the relatable post, saying that making paranthas with leftovers was a common practice found in many Indian households and not just Punjabi ones.

Desi Twitter also came up with their own unique suggestions and ideas for recipes made with the previous day's leftover sabzi or curry. While some users suggested rolls, sandwiches or wraps as ideas to use leftover vegetables, others recommended the leftovers to be incorporated in dishes such as cutlets, flavoured rice or even a Dosa batter!

Take a look at some responses:

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Trust users on Twitter to come up with these wonderful recipes. If you are pondering what to do with leftovers in the fridge, try these interesting and unique ideas suggested by desi Twitter. And in case all else fails, there's always paranthas! What is your favourite way to use leftovers? Tell us in the comments below.


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