Mandarin Chicken Recipe

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Mandarin Chicken
How to make Mandarin Chicken
  • Chef: Penpa Tsering
  • Recipe Servings: 1
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Total Cook Time:
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

About Mandarin Chicken Recipe: A Chinese chicken recipe with sliced chicken breast coated in garlic, green chilli, soya sauce and rice wine. Sauteed in oyster sauce, red chillies, chicken seasoning and further tossed in mushrooms, this dish is the perfect blend of spicy, tangy and simply delicious. Serve this as an appetizer or a side in main course.

Ingredients of Mandarin Chicken

  • 250 gms chicken
  • 15 gms assorted bell pepper
  • 8 gms shitake mushroom
  • 60 ml oil
  • 5 gms onion
  • 10 gms butter
  • 5 gms garlic
  • 5 gms green chilli
  • 5 gms red chilli
  • 5 ml soya sauce
  • salt
  • 10 gms black pepper
  • 5 ml rice wine
  • 5 gms oyster sauce
  • 3 gms chicken seasoning
  • 10 gms corn flour
  • 5 ml sesame oil
  • 8 gms spring onion, chopped

How to Make Mandarin Chicken

  • 1.Take chicken breast piece and cut it into slices.
  • 2.Marinate it with garlic, green chilli, soya sauce, salt, and rice wine.
  • 3.Then deep fry it in oil.
  • 4.Now take a wok put oil and sauté garlic, onion, oyster sauce, put red chillies and soya sauce and put the fried chicken into the wok and sauté it well.
  • 5.Add the chicken seasoning and salt.
  • 6.Now toss the chicken, bell pepper and shitake mushroom in the sauce, add some water to coat the sauce.
  • 7.Sprinkle the spring onion and serve hot.
Key Ingredients: chicken, assorted bell pepper, shitake mushroom, oil, onion, butter, garlic, green chilli, red chilli, soya sauce, salt, black pepper, rice wine, oyster sauce, chicken seasoning, corn flour, sesame oil, spring onion